The Pony Express Stations of Utah in Historical Perspective
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This monograph integrates previously unpublished materials, including extensive field surveys and some excavation, into a historical sketch of the Pony Express in Utah. The primary and organizational focus is on Express stations. Since the Overland Mail Service corresponds temporally and geographically to the Express, its history becomes an inseparable component of the study. Many confusing and controversial issues are resolved by this study, and many others are surfaced. Additional research is obviously needed; particularly desirable would be long-term survey and excavation programs.

For many years the Bureau of Land Management has recognized its role in the management and protection of historical sites on lands under its jurisdiction. This study has evolved as a direct result of such management/protection efforts. BLM currently manages eight Pony Express/Overland Mail sites on public lands in Utah and many others in neighboring states.

Richard E. Fike
John W. Headley

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Last Updated: 18-Jan-2008