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Commonly Used Acronyms

ACECArea of Critical Environmental Concern
ADPAutomated Data Processing
AFCSAlaskan Fire Control Service
ALDSAutomatic Lightning Detection System
ALMRSAutomated Land and Mineral Record System
AMPAllotment Management Plan
ANCSAAlaska Native Claims Settlement Act
ANILCAAlaska Natural Interest Lands Conservation Act
ARPAArchaeological Resources Protection Act
AUMAnimal Unit Month

BIFCBoise Interagency Fire Center
BLMBureau of Land Management
BMTBureau Management Team Bureau (see BLM)

CCCCivilian Conservation Corps
CEQCouncil on Environmental Quality
CMACooperative Management Agreements
CMU ActClassification and Multiple Use Act

DMDistrict Manager

EAEnvironmental Assessment
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement
EMARSEnergy Mineral Allocation Recommendation System
EMARS IIEnergy Minerals Activity Recommendation System
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
ESIEcological Site Inventory
ESOEastern States Office

FLPMAFederal Land Policy and Management Act
FOGRMAFederal Oil and Gas Royalty Management Act
FSForest Service
FWPCAFederal Water Pollution Control Act
FWSFish and Wildlife Service
FYFiscal Year

GLOGeneral Land Office

HMPHabitat Management Plan

IAMSInitial Attack Management System

KGSKnown Geologic Structure

LISLand Information System
LWCFLand and Water Conservation Fund

MFPManagement Framework Plan
MMSMinerals Management Service
MOSSMap Overlay and Statistical System
MTPMaster Title Plat

NABCNational Advisory Board Council
NASNational Academy of Sciences
NEPANational Environmental Policy Act
NHPANational Historic Preservation Act
NRDCNatural Resources Defense Council
NWCGNational Wildfire Coordinating Group

OASOffice of Aircraft Services
O&COregon and California
OCSOuter Continental Shelf
OEPROffice of Environmental Project Review
OPECOrganization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
ORRRCOutdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission
ORVOff-Road Vehicle
OTAOffice of Technology Assessment

P&EC(Division of) Planning and Environmental Coordination
PETPetroleum Engineering Technician
PLLRCPublic Land Law Review Commission
PRIAPublic Rangelands Improvement Act
PSDPrevention of Significant Deterioration

R&PP ActRecreation and Public Purposes Act
RAWSRemote Automated Weather Stations
RMPResource Management Plan

SIMOSimultaneous Oil and Gas Leasing Program

URAUnit Resource Analysis
USGSU.S. Geological Survey

WSAWilderness Study Area

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Last Updated: 08-Sep-2008