An Isolated Empire: A History of Northwest Colorado
BLM Cultural Resource Series (Colorado: No. 12)
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This presents the second in a series of cultural resource reports. This study concerns historic sites and values on National Resource ands in Colorado. It was originally derived from a study that was an integral part of the Bureau of Land Management's Cultural Resource Program.

A major objective of the Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior, is to preserve and/or scientifically study cultural resources, including prehistoric, historic sites and values. The evidence of historic remains cover large areas of National Resource Lands under our jurisdiction.

Originally compiled by Dr. F. J. Athearn to provide a baseline narrative for the history of BLM's Craig District, this edition represents a rewritten and newly illustrated publication of that document for public use and enjoyment. It is the first time a history of Northwestern Colorado has been written. As histories of the balance of Colorado are written, they will be made available to the public.

It is my pleasure to share these efforts with you for your professional and leisure reading.

State Director
Bureau of Land Management

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Last Updated: 31-Oct-2008