An Isolated Empire: A History of Northwest Colorado
BLM Cultural Resource Series (Colorado: No. 12)
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Introduction and Chronological Summary

Chapter 1: Northwestern Colorado Prior to Exploitation

Chapter 2: The Fur Trade

Chapter 3: Exploration in Northwestern Colorado

Chapter 4: Mining and Transportation in Early Western Colorado

Chapter 5: Confrontations: Settlement versus the Ute Indians

Chapter 6: Settlement in Middle Park and the Yampa Valley

Chapter 7: Development of the Cattle and Sheep Industry

Chapter 8: Mining and Transportation, 1890-1920

Chapter 9: The "Moffat Road" and Northwestern Colorado, 1903-1948

Chapter 10: Development of Northwestern Colorado, 1890-1940




Frontispieces from: Colorado's First Portrait by Clifford P. Westermeier, Courtesy of New Mexico Press, reproduced with permission.

Fig. 1: A Fur Trapper and His Pony
Fig. 2: Hydraulic Mining Operations
Fig. 3: Freight Wagons
Fig. 4: Cattlemen and Their Herds
Fig. 5: Yampa Valley Coal Mine, ca. 1920
Fig. 6: The Opening of the Dotsero Cutoff
Fig. 7: Great Divide, Colorado, ca. 1917
Fig. 8: Land Advertisement

Map 1: The Indians
Map 2: Fur Trade Areas
Map 3: The Explorers
Map 4: Early Mining and Settlement
Map 5: The Thornburgh Battle
Map 6: Settlement in Middle Park and the Yampa Valley
Map 7: Concentration of Sheep and Cattle Areas
Map 8: Later Mining and Transportation
Map 9: The Moffat Road
Map 10: Northwest Colorado, 1890-1940

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