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Chapter One: (PDF)

Chapter Two: (PDF)
Background History

Chapter Three: (PDF)
Recreational Development of Miami and Biscayne Bay, 1896-1945

Associated Properties
Registration Requirements/Integrity
Contributing Properties
Noncontributing Properties

Chapter Four: (PDF)
Management Recommendations

Bibliography (HTML)

Appendix A: (PDF)
Architectural Descriptions and Recommended Treatments for the Honeywell Complex on Boca Chita Key

Appendix B: (PDF)
August Geiger

Appendix C: (PDF)
Cleaning Stains on Historic Stone Masonry

Appendix D: (PDF)
Fowey Rocks Lighthouse

Appendix E: (PDF)
Historical Base Map

Appendix F: (PDF)
National Register Nomination for Boca Chita Key Historic District

Index (PDF)

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