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Historical Background for the Rocky Mountain National Park
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This study of the History of Rocky Mountain National Park is a compilation from published documents of some of the more interesting phases of the events occuring in the region now comprising one of the major National parks of the United States. It does not pretend to be a complete history of the area. Many subjects of paramount interest are not touched upon or are merely suggested, while those treated are handled with the purpose of bringing out the salient features of stories which lend themselves well to the preparation of museum displays.

The purpose which led to the writing of the paper was the assembling of data which could be employed in planning historical displays in the museums of Rocky Mountain National Park. Naturally those series of events which could most easily be graphically displayed have been emphasized and detailed analyses of various episodes have not been attempted.

Despite the limitations arising from the purpose for which this paper was prepared, it constitutes an interesting and readable introduction to the History of Rocky Mountain National Park. Its bibliography is unusually extensive. The presentation of the paper in this mimeographed form results not only from a feeling that its usefulness should be extended beyond its original purpose but in response to numerous requests for copies.

In order to save time and expense in mimeographing references to source material are included in parentheses in the text. Statements are well documented and can be checked against the sources.

The mimeographing of this paper was made possible by workers supplied by the assistance of the California State Emergency Relief Administration. The paper itself was prepared during the Civil Works period of 1933-34.

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