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Chronology for Tumacacori National Monument
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a. Diaries and Accounts by Emigrants and Early Settlers.

b. Official Reports and Private Accounts by Members of U.S. Military and Scientific Expeditions and the Boundary Commission.

Audubon, John Woodhouse.
1906 "Audubon's Western Journal 1849-1850." Being the Ms. record of a trip from New York to Texas and an overland journey through Mexico and Arizona to the gold fields of California with a biographical memoir by his daughter, Maria R. Audubon. Introduction, notes and index by Frank Heywood Hodder. With folded map, portrait and original drawings pp. 1-249.
Barlow, J. W., Col. of Eng., U.S.A.
1898 "Report of the International Boundary Commission upon the Survey and Re-marking of the Boundary between the United States and Mexico, West of the Rio Grande, 1891 to 1896." Part I, Report of the International Commission, pp. 1-56. Part II, Report of the United States section, Illustrated, pp. 1-240. Washington, Gov't. print, off.
Bartlett, John Russell.
1854 "Personal Narrative of Explorations and Incidents in Texas, New Mexico, California, Sonora and Chihuahua." New York, D. Appleton & Company, 2 vols.
Bigler, Henry W.
1932 "Extracts from the Journal of Henry Bigler." In Utah Historical Quarterly V, No. 2. (April.)
Bourke, John G.
1892 "On the Border with Crook." New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 2nd Edition, illus. pp. 1-491.
Browne, J. Ross.
1864 "A Tour through Arizona." In Harper's New Monthly Magazine XXIX, No. 173, October. pp. 553-574.
1871 "Adventure in the Apache Country." A tour through Arizona and Sonora with notes on the silver regions of Nevada. New York, Haper & Brothers, Copyrighted in 1866.
1871 "Reisen und Abenteuer in Apachenlande." Aus dam Englischen in deutscher Bearbeitung von Dr. H. Hertz mit 155 illustrationen in Holzschnitt. Jena 1, Herman Costenable.
Bunyard, Harriet.
1924 "Diary - From Texas to California in 1868." In annual publications Historical Society of Southern California XIII. Part I, pp. 92-124.
Campbell, Albert H.
1859 "Report upon the Pacific Wagon Roads Constructed under the direction of the Hon. Jacob Thompson, Secretary of the Interior in 1857-58-59." With maps. 35th Cong., 2nd Sess., House Ex. Doc. No. 108. pp. 1-125. Serial No. 1008.
Couts, Cave J.
1848 "Diary of a March to California in 1848."
Cox, C. C.

"Diary of." See Mabelle E. Martin.
Cooke, Lieut. Col. Philip St. George.
1849 "Journal of a March from Santa Fe to San Diego 1846-7." 31st Cong. Spec. Sess., Sen. Ex. Doc. 2. Washington, pp. 85.
Cozzens, Samuel Woodworth
1874 "The Marvellous Country; or the Three Years in Arizona and New Mexico, the Apache's Home." Boston, New York and Chicago, Henry L. Shepard & Company, pp. 1-532. Illus.
1876 "La Contree Merveilleuse; Voyage dans L'Arizona et Le Nouveau Mexique." Traduccion de W. Buttier. Illustrations de yous' Dargent. Paris, Garnier Freres.
Cremeny, John C.
1868 "Life Among the Apaches." San Francisco, A. Roman & Company, pp. 1-322.
Disturnell, W. C.
1881 "Arizona Business Directory." San Francisco, W. C. Disturnell.
Emory, William Emsley, Lieut. Col. U.S.A.
1898 "Notes of a Military Reconnaissance from Fort Leavenworth in Missouri, to San Diego, in California, including part of the Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila Rivers, made in 1846-7 with the advance guard of the "Army of the West." U.S. War Department Engineer Bureau, 1848. 416 pages Same - 30th Cong., 1st Sess. Sen. Ex. Doc. in V. 3 and House Ex. Docs., V. 4. (House print contains additional matter, pages 417-614.
1857 "Report on the United States and Mexican Boundary Survey, Made under the Direction of the Secretary of the Interior." In 2 volumes.
Ferguson, Major David.
1863 Report on the country, its resources, and the route between Tucson and Lobos Bay. U.S. Secretary of War. 37th Cong. Spec. Session. Sen. Ex. Doc. No. 1. Washington, 1863. 22 pages with map of itinerary.
Graham, Lieut. Col. J. D.
1852 "Report addressed to Col. J.J. Abert, Chief of the Corps of Topographical Engineers, Washington, June 18, 1852." 32nd Cong., 1st Sess., Sen. Ex. Doc. No. 121. Maps, pp. 1-250.
Hayes, Judge Benjamin.

"Journey Overland from Sucurro to Warner's Ranch from Oct. 31, 1849 to January 14, 1850."
Hayes, Benjamin Ignatious.
1929 "Pioneer Notes from the Diaries of Judge Benjamin Hayes, 1849-1875." Los Angeles, privately printed. Illus. pp. 1-307.
Hutton, N. H.

"Report on the El Paso and Fort Yuma Wagon Road." See Albert H. Campbell Report.
Lockwood, Frank C.
1928 "Pete Kitchen - Arizona Pioneer, Rifleman and Ranchmen." In Arizona Historical Review I, No. 2 (July), pp. 76-84.
Marcy, Lieutenant Randolph B.
1859 "The Prairie Traveller." A handbook for overland expeditions with maps, illustrations, and itineraries of the principal routes between the Mississippi and the Pacific. New York, Harper & Brothers, pp. 1-340. London, Trubner and Co. 1863 (Edited by Richard F. Burton) pp. 1-250.
Martin, Mabelle Eppard. Editor.
1925-6 "From Texas to California in 1849; Diary of C. C. Cox." In Southwestern Historical Quarterly, XXIX, Nos. 1, 2, 3, (July, October 1925, January 1926) Austin, Texas, The Texas Historical Association.
Mazzonovich, Anton.
1926 "Trailing Geronimo." Edited and arranged by E. A. Brininstool. Los Angeles, Gem Publishing Company, Illus. pp. 1-277.
Michler, Lieut. M.
1857 Report: "From the 111th Meridian of Longitude to the Pacific Ocean." Chapter VII of Emory's Report, 1857, I, 101-136.
Miles, William.
1851 "Journal of the Sufferings and Hardships of Captain Parker H. French's Overland Expedition to California." Chambersburg, Pa., printed at the Valley Spirit Office. Reprinted at New York by the Cedmus Book Shop, 1916. 28 pp.
Mowry, Sylvester.
1857 "Memoir of the Proposed Territory of Arizona." Washington, Henry Polkinhorn. pp. 1-30.
1864 "Arizona and Sonora: the Geography, History and Resources of the Silver Region of North America." Third edition, Revised and enlarged. New York, Second edition - San Francisco and New York, A. Reman & Co., 1863. Has map. First edition, 1859. Address before American Geog. and Statistical Society.
Nye, Wm. F., Translator.
1861 "Francisco Velasco's Sonora: its extent, population, natural productions, Indian tribes, mines, mineral lands, etc." San Francisco, H. H. Bancroft and Company."
Parke, John G.

Report of Explorations of that portion of a Railroad Route near the 32nd Parallel Latitude, lying between Dona Ana, on the Rio Grande, and Pimas Villages, on the Gila - 1853." (In Pacific Railroad Surveys, Vol. II.)
Poston, Charles D.

Narrative in Browne's "The Apache Country." pp. 236-254.
Powell, H.M.T.
1931 "The Santa Fe Trail to California 1849-1852." The journal and drawings of H. M. T. Powell, edited by Douglas S. Watson. Map and original drawings reproduced. pp. 1-272. San Francisco, The Book Club of California.
Pumpelly, Raphael.
1870 "Across America and Asia." Notes of a five years' journey around the world and of a residence in Arizona, Japan and China. New York, Leypoldt & Holt, 3rd Edition. Maps, Illus. pp. I-XVI; 1-454,
U.S. War Department.
1897 "The War of the Rebellion." A compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Series I, Vol. 50, two parts. Reports and correspondence. Washington, Gov't Printing Office.
Tyler, Sergeant Daniel.
1881 "A Concise History of the Mormon Battalion in the Mexican War 1848-47." No publisher given. 376 pages.
Velasco, Jose Francisco.
1890 "Noticias Estadisticas del Estado de Sonora, Acompanodas de Ligeras Reflexiones Deducidas de Algunas Documentos y Conocimientos Practicos Adquiridos en Muchos Anos, con el fin de Darlos al Publico." Mexico, imprenta de Ignacio Cumplido.
Wheeler, George M. Lieut. U.S.A.

"Geographical Surveys West of the 100th Meridian 1877-89." In 7 vols. U. S. War Department, Engineer Bureau.

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