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Chronology for Tumacacori National Monument
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Abel, Annie Heloise. Editor
1915 The official correspondence of James S. Calhoun, while Indian Agent at Santa Fe and superintendent of Indian affairs in New Mexico. U. S. Office of Indian Affairs, Washington, Govt. Print. Office, pp. 1-553. Pocket contains maps.
Arizona Good Roads Associations.
1913 Illustrated road maps and tour book, compiled and published by Harry Locke, Prescott, Arizona. Maps, illustrations, PP. 1-100.
Bancroft, Hubert Howe & Company
1863 Bancroft's map of the Colorado mines.
San Francisco, H. H. Bancroft Co. 31x47 in.
Bartlett, John R.
1854 General map showing the countries explored and surveyed by the United States and Mexican boundary commission in the years 1850, 51, 52, 53,.. New York, J. H. Colton and Co. 39x49 in. From personal narrative of explorations....
Bolton, Herb't. E. (Compiler).
1915 Explorations on the northern frontier of New Spain 1535-1706. University of California Map Series No. 1, Berkeley, University of California Press.
Bonne, M.
1788 (?) L'Ancien et le Nouveau Mexique ...... Partie Occidentale par M. Bonne, Ingen. or Hydrographe do la Manuil. 34 1-2 x 23 1-2 in.
Carleton, James H.
1864 Map of the military department of New Mexico drawn under the direction of Brig. General James H. Carleton Capt. Allen L. Anderson, U.S. 5th Infantry, acting engineer officer. 591-2 x 861-2 cm.
Carta della California sue golfo e contracoste della Nuova Spagna. Da D. Raimando Tarros delineata.
178837 x 30 cm.
Chias, Benito

Estado de Sonora. Barcelona, Martin y Bano, 43 x 32(1-2 cm.
Chine, R. P.

See Kino, Eusebio Francisco.
Colton, G. W. and C. B.
1875 Colton's New Mexico and Arizona. New York, G. W. & C. B. Colton, 42 x 60 cm.
Conde, Pedro Garcia.
1845 Carta geografica general de la Republica Mexicana, formada el ano de 1845, con los datos que previno la seccien de geografia del Ministerio de la guerra por el general de Brigada Pedro Garcia Conde. . . London, B. R. Davies. 89 x 122 cm.
Creuzbar, Robert.
1849 Route from the Gulf of Mexico and the Lower Mississippi Valley to California and the Pacific Ocean, illustrated by a general map and sectional maps: with directions to travellers. New York, H. Long & Brother, Austin, Texas Robert Creuzbar.
Del Isle, Quillaume.
1703 Carte du Mexique et de la Floride des terres Angloises et des Isles Autilles due Cours et des environs de la Riviere de Mississippi. Dressee sur un grand nombre de Memories principatem. Sur de Ms. d'Iberville et le Sueur par guillaume Del Isle...A Paris chez l'anteur...Avec Privilege du Roy, 471 x 65 cm.
Disturnell, J.
1849 Map of California, New Mexico and adjacent counties showing the gold regions, etc., New York, J. Disturnell, 53 x 741-2 cm.
Duflut de Mofras, Eugene
1844 Conte de la Cote de L' Amerique sur l'ocean Pacifique septentrional...Paris, Arthus Bertrand, 90 x 57 cm.
Dufour, A. H.
1837 Republique federative de Etats-Unis Mexicains. Paris, Chez Basset, 76 x 53 cm.
Emory, Major W. H.
1857-8 Map of the United States and their territories between the Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean and part of Mexico compiled from surveys made under the order of W. H. Emory Major 1st Cavalry, U.S. Commissioner and from maps of the Pacific Railroad, General Land Office, and Coast Survey. Projected and drawn under the supervision of Lt. N. Michler, Top. Eng. by Thomas Jekyll, C. E.
Eckhoff, E. A.
1880 Official map of the territory of Arizona....New York, Graphic photo-lith. 80 x 67 cm.
Elliott, W. W. & Company
1884 Map of Arizona. San Francisco. W. W. Elliott and Co. 45-1-2 x 32-1-2 cm.
Fer, Nicolas de
1720 La California ou Nouvelle Caroline. Teatro de los trabajos, apostolicas de la Compa. e Jesus en la America Sept. Paris n. pub. 45-1-2 x 66 cm.
Gird, Richard
1865 Official map of the territory of Arizona, San Francisco A. Gensoul. 89-1-2 x 9-1-2 cm.
Hill, Joseph J.
1932 A map of exploration in the Spanish Southwest. 28" x 43". Printed by Willon Leuritzen. Supplement to Touring Topics XXIV no. 1, January. Copyright by Auto Club of Southern California. 1931.
Hinton, R. J.
1878 Map of Arizona prepared especially for R. J. Hintons handbook of Arizona. San Francisco, Payot, Upham & Co. 1878. 88 x 61 cm.
Humboldt, Alexandre
1812 Carte Generale du Royaume de la Nouvelle Espagne depuis le parallele de 16° jus qu' au parallele de 36° (latitude nord) dressee sur des observations Asronomiques et sur l'ensemble des Materiaus qui existoient a Mexico, au commencement de l'annee 1804. In Atlas geographique et physique due Royaum de la Nouvelle-Espagne. Paris Chez G. Dufour et Cie.
Humboldt, F. W. H. A.
1811 Carte du Mexique et pays limitrophes situes au nord et l'est. n.p. n. pub. 42 x 72 cm.
Hutawda, Juls.

Map of Mexico and California. n. pub. St. Louis, Mo. 2nd Edition. 60 x 48 cm.
Keeler, Wm. J.
1867 National map of the territory of the United States from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean made by the authority of the Hon. O. H. Browning, Secretary of the Interior in the office of the Indian Bureau.. ...compiled from authorized explorations of Pacific Railroad routes, public surveys and other reliable data from the departments of the government at Washington D.C.
Kiepert, H.
1851 Mexico, Texas and California. Weimar, Verlag des geographishen institute.
Kino, Ensebio Francisco (Chino)
1702 Tabula Californiae Anno 1702. Exantoptica observatione delineata a R. P. Chino e S. I. Munich, Photographic institute of Fr. Haufstaengl. 29 x 19 1-2 cm.
Lumholtz, Carl
1912 New trails in Mexico. . . .New York, Charles Scribners Sons.
Macomb, J. N.
1864 Map of explorations and surveys in New Mexico and Utah. New York, Geographical institute, 72 x 87 cm.
Mallery, Lieut. J. C., (compiler) J. W. Ward.
1876-7 New map of the territory of Arizona, Southern California and parts of Nevada, Utah and Sonora. San Francisco, Payot, Upham & Co. 109-1/2 x 85 cm.

No place, no date (London?) 54 x 68 cm.
Mowry, Sylvester
1857(?) Map of proposed Arizona territory from explorations by A. B. Gray and others, to accompany memoir by Lieut. Mowry, U.S. Army Delegate. Cincinnati, Middleton, Wallace & Co. 17 x 37 cm.
Parke, Lieut. John G.
1854-5 From the Pimas villages to Fort Fillmore. Explorations and surveys for a railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. U.S. War Department Route near the 32nd parallel of latitude.
Payot, Henry
1863 New Map of the North-western States of Mexico....San Francisco, Henry Payot.
Pike, Jebulon M.
1810 A map of the internal provinces of New Spain: The outlines are from sketches corrected and improved by Captain Zebulon M. Pike, who was conducted through that country in the year 1807 by order of the Commandant General of those provinces. Philadelphia, C & A Conrad Co. 451-1/2 x 47 cm.
Pinart, Alphonse.
1877 Voyage dans L'Arizona. Extrait du Bulletin de la societe de geographic (Mars 1877) Paris, societe de geographie.
Rand, McNally & Co.
1880-1878 Map of Arizona, Chicago, 1880. Chicago, 1878. 48 1-2 x 31 cm.
Robert, Henry M. (Major of Engineers U.S.A.)
1869 Itineraries of routes in Arizona and southern California Published by command of Major Gen. George H. Thomas, commanding military Division of the Pacific. Outline map. San Francisco, Engin. Off., Headquarters Military division of the Pacific. Sept. 27, 1869. 25 pages. This is intended to accompany and supplement the photographic maps.
Tanner, H. S.
1856 A map of the United States of Mexico....no p. H. S. Tanner, Third edition. 571-2 x 631-2 cm.
Tirion, Isaah
1765 Kaart van het westelyk gedeelte van Niew Mexico en van California Amsterdam, I. Tirion. Volgens de laatste Indekkingen der Jesiuten en anderen. 33 x 53 cm.
U.S. Forest Service.
1918 Coronado National Forest, Arizona and New Mexico. N.P. U.S. Geological Survey, 63 1-2 x 118 cm.
Zatta, Antonio
1785 Messico ouvero Nuova Spagna che contiene il Nuovo Messico, La California con una parte de paesi adjucenti Venezia, Presso Antonio Zatta, con privelegio dell' Eccmo Senuto. 31 x 41 cm.

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