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Field Division of Education
Ethnology of Rocky Mountain National Park: The Ute and Arapaho
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This paper is one of several prepared for the Field Division of Education of the National Park Service by a group of research workers employed during the CWA period of 1933-34. Its purpose was to provide an outline of the pertinent facts relating to the ethnology of the region about Rocky Mountain National Park for use in planning and preparing displays for Moraine Park Museum.

The form and content of the paper naturally reflect the purpose for which it was intended. It makes no claim to being an important piece of original research nor a complete analysis of the ethnology of the region. It emphasizes heavily those aspects of the cultures involved which will lend themselves best to museum display. It is in fact merely a compilation from published sources arranged in a form which will be useful for museum men. Nevertheless, as a short summary of the ethnography of the Ute and Arapaho, it should serve a wider purpose than that for which it was originally intended.

It is owing to the demand for certain of the research papers prepared for the Field Division of Education that this paper is here presented in mimeographed form. The wider distribution made possible it is believed will extend its usefulness beyond its original purpose.

To save time and expense in mimeographing certain departures from customary scholarly form have been made. References have been included in the body of the text in parentheses.

Credit is due the State Emergency Relief Administration for supplying the workers which have made the mimeographing of this paper possible.

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