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LOWER FALLS IN THE CANYON OF RITO. A comparatively short distance below the custodian's cottage in the canyon. (Parkhurst)

ON THE PAJARITO PLATEAU, ALONG THE ROAD TO THE FRIJOLES CANYON. Storm clouds over the yellow pines—a rare sight in this land of sunshine. The largest pueblo in the region and known to the ancient peoples as "Tshirege," the Tewan name for "bird," which translated into Spanish became "Pajarito"—a small bird. (Parkhurst)

TYPICAL RUINS. Communal and cavate dwellings once covered by great piles of talus at the foot of the north wall of the Rito Canyon, now excavated and partially restored. These dwellings were originally two and three stories in height and had large rooms cut from the soft volcanic rocks at the rear. (Parkhurst)

THE WATERS OF THE RITO DE LOS FRIJOLES. The scene to-day is probably much the same as it was a thousand years ago.

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