Historic Structure Report: CCC Buildings
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1. A cultural landscape study needs to be completed. The study will better detail the evolution of the site, and it will develop better treatment recommendations for landscape features not discussed in this report. Products of the study will include a design development plan for all landscape features and compatibility guidelines for new or replacement landscape elements. Other areas of the national historic landmark district need to be included in the cultural landscape study.

2. Upon completion of a cultural landscape study, a cultural landscape management plan should be undertaken. This plan includes specifics for site maintenance, replacement of plant materials, and general maintenance practices for the grounds. This maintenance plan should be integrated into the maintenance management system for the park.

3. The national historic landmark nomination needs to be amended to include an inventory of the landscape elements in the district and an explanation of their significance.

4. A comprehensive drainage plan needs to be done. This plan would concentrate on, but not be limited to, the developed areas of Frijoles Canyon. Soil borings, slope stabilization tests, and other tests will be conducted. Existing drainage patterns and the related utilities will be studied for their effectiveness. From this information, a drainage package will be developed with specific treatment recommendations for safety, diversion ditches, building protection, and landscape protection.


1. The survey and analysis undertaken to date consists of 14 buildings and indicates the range of mortar and stucco mixes used. It is felt that completing this survey would only verify these results. The results of this study should be included in the historic structures preservation guide and become an integral part of ongoing maintenance.

2. According to park personnel, matching paving flagstone is available nearby but under separate agency jurisdiction. Access to this material should be thoroughly explored to ensure a more compatible replacement now and in the future.

3. All buildings should be surveyed for any building or life safety code violations in a manner similar to the recent accessibility survey. This point is particularly appropriate in areas of public assembly.

4. A historic furnishings and fixtures study needs to be completed in the very near future. The study will trace the history and significance of the furnishings and light fixtures, and it will provide park management with guidelines for use, storage, and management of these resources.

5. A finding aid to the park collections of CCC photographs, oral history tapes, construction documents, and monthly reports will be completed. The finding aid will also include information on the types of data available on the Bandelier CCC projects at the Denver Federal Records Center and the National Archives.


Section 6 dealt with these issues in a general way and provided a system for assessing their impact on the structures and site. Because no programmatic direction existed for any such interventions, the impact they might have on any particular building or site area was unknown. Future planning or design efforts should further assess any specific impacts, within the context of a stated program objective.

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Last Updated: 08-May-2005