Big Juniper House of Mesa Verde, Colorado
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Specimen2 Provenience Dates, AD.3
MV—1637Room 1b, lower fill9151008vv
MV—1640Room 1a, lower fill908p1006vv
MV—1642Room 1a, lower fill828p1027vv
MV—1645Room 1a, lower fill652750+vv
MV—1646Room 1a, lower fill7911017vv
MV—1649Room 1a, lower fill777±1045vv
MV—1650Room 1a, lower fill8031054vv
MV—1651Room 1a, lower fill8861035vv
MV—1653Room 1a, lower fill7551052vv
MV—1655Room 7, subfloor fill8241025vv
MV—1659Kiva B, Level 38231048vv
MV—1660Room 10, lower fill893±1007vv
MV—1666Room 10, lower fill879p985r
MV—1667Room 10, lower fill931p1022+vv
MV—1668Room 10, lower fill9211039vv
MV—1670Room 10, lower fill9251027vv
MV—1672Room 10, lower fill859p947vv
MV—1673Room 10, lower fill933p1028vv
MV—1677Room 10, lower fill924992vv
MV—1678Room 10, lower fill9101018vv
MV—1679Room 10, lower fill814886vv
MV—1680Room 10e lower fill8931041vv
MV—1685Room 10, lower fill8001008+
MV—1686Room 10e Floor 2, Post l855±993vv
MV—1687Room 10, Floor 2, Post 2812p1028+vv
MV—1688Kiva B, Level 38971062+vv
MV—1692Kiva B, floor fill9271130B
MV—1694Room 8, subfloor fill925990vv
MV—1695Room 8, subfloor post8731000vv
MV—1700Room 1a, Floor 2, Post 1837±1031r
MV—1701Room 1a, Floor 2, Post 27101039vv
MV—1702Room 1a, Floor 2, Post 3832p971vv
MV—1 703Room 1a, lower fill790945vv
MV—1704Room 1a, lower fill824890vv
MV—1705Room 1a, lower fill8861031vv
MV—1707Room 1a, Floor 2, jacal wall, Post 3876990vv
MV—1709Room 1a, Floor 2, jacal wall, Post 5875974vv
MV—1710Room 1a, Floor 2, jacal wall, Post 669773v
MV—1712Room 1a, Floor 2, jacal wall, Post 7877949vv
MV—1713Room 1a, Floor 2, jacal wall, Post 8636770vv
MV—1715Room 1a, lower fill637774vv
MV—1716Room 1a, lower fill933990vv
MV—1718Room 19e fill782891+vv
MV—1725Room 7, subfloor cist, Post 1886983+vv
MV—1726Room 7, subfloor cist, Post 2827988+vv
MV—1730Room 7, subfloor cist fill928992vv
MV—1732Room 7, subfloor, Post 2914p1021vv
MV—1733Room 19, subfloor cist fill908977vv
MV—1735Room 10, Floor 2, Cist 1 fill9111024vv
MV—2133Room 1b, lower fill915p952vv
MV—2138Room 5, Cist 1 fill990p1047vv

1All dates listed derive from juniper charcoal or charred wood (Juniperus).

2Specimen numbers assigned by Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona.

2Key to symbols: p—pith ring present; v—outside shows erosion, outer most ring variable around circumference; vv—outside shows extreme erosion, outermost rings very variable; r—outer ring constant over significant portion of circumference; B—bark present on outside.

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