Archeological Excavations in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado • 1950
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The Service and the authors wish to express their sincere appreciation to the following for technical assistance and advice: Dr. J. O. Brew, director, Peabody Museum, Harvard University; Dr. E. W. Haury, director, Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona; Dr. P. S. Martin, chief curator, Department of Anthropology, and Dwight Davis, curator of vertebrate anatomy, Chicago Natural History Museum; Earl H. Morris, archeologist, Carnegie Institution of Washington; Stanley Stubbs, curator, Laboratory of Anthropology, Santa Fe, and Dr. Edmund Schulman, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona.

The reconstruction drawings, showing the pithouses and pueblos as they may have looked when occupied, were prepared by Per Ernst Guldbeck.

Appreciation also is expressed to Mrs. Virginia T. Cotter who checked the final proof and prepared the index.

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