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Project Coordinator: Douglas D. Faris, Assistant Regional Director, Planning and Professional Services, Southwest Region, Assisted by Joan Mitchell, Senior Project Coordinator, Planning and Professional Services

Park Coordinator: Eldon Kohlman, Park Management Assistant, Amistad NRA

Principal Investigator: Joseph H. Labadie, Park Archeologist, Amistad NRA

Principal Author: Joseph H. Labadie, Park Archeologist, Amistad NRA

Editing: Jane Harvey, Writer-Editor, Office of the Assistant Regional Director, Planning and Professional Services, Southwest Region; copy-editing assistance—Dr. Patricia B. Labadie, Professor Emeritus, University of Dayton; Barbara Flippo, Amistad NRA; Faye Piekarski, Amistad NRA.

Graphics: Linda Lutz-Ryan, Visual Information Specialist, Office of the Assistant Regional Director, Planning and Professional Services, Southwest Region; Dr. John A. Labadie, graphics advisor. Cover photograph by David Muench. Additional photographs by Jim Zintgraff, and Joseph H. Labadie.

Field Crew: NPS Seasonal Archeologists Tom Dureka, Frank Garcia, Ann Mesrobian, and Debra Wozinak. The field crew was assisted for short periods of time by numerous Volunteers-in-the-Park (VIPs), including Kathy A. Labadie, Jason Ford, Santos Sanchez, Lisa DeHoyos, Steve Nichols, Bob Goebel, Patsy Goebel, William J. Warren, Jackie Nichols, Caroline Christi, Larry Beaman, Skip Kennedy, Susan Burch, Francie Wylie, Robert Frazier, Skip Kennedy, Robert Schmitt, Henry Krusekopf, Judy Ing, Laurel Freeman, Donna Huff, Mark Herman, Dan Ricks, Albert Bianci, D. Hull, John MacGee, Arlene MacGee, Curt Harrell, Debra Beene, and Kenny Wright.

Prehistoric-research Assistance: Dr. Solveig A. Turpin (principal contributor), University of Texas at Austin; Dr. Marvin Rowe (pictograph dating), Texas A&M University; Dr. Jon Russ and Dr. Russ Palma (pictograph deterioration), Sam Houston State University; Dr. Karl Rheinhard (phalonology and plant macrofossils), University of Nebraska at Lincoln; Dr. John A. Labadie (art history), Miami Trace Elementary School, Dayton, Ohio; and Jim Mayberry (Archeologist, Division of Anthropology, Southwest Region).

Historic-research Assistance: Anne Gault, Library, Val Verde County, Texas; Ron Buckles, Fort Clark Museum, Brackettville, Texas; Lee Lincoln, Museum, Val Verde County, Texas; Pancho Brotherton, Seminole Canyon State Historical Park; Kathy A. Labadie, Secretary, Val Verde County Historical Commission; Anne Fox and I. Wayne Cox, University of Texas at San Antonio, Center for Archeological Research; Daughters of the Texas Republic Research Library at the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas; and the University of Texas at San Antonio Institute of Texan Cultures Research Library.

Local Informants: Glen E. Brown (deceased), Quemado, Texas; Edward McCarson (deceased), Comstock, Texas; Floyd Brockwell (deceased), Sanderson, Texas; Jack Skiles, Langtry, Texas, John Stein, Del Rio, Texas; Pancho Brotherton, Comstock, Texas; John Stockly, Quemado, Texas; Dr. Herbert Walker (deceased), Del Rio, Texas; and Emory "Smokie" Lehnert, NPS retired, Del Rio, Texas.

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Last Updated: 26-Mar-2007