Lemon House and Coal Mine
Historic Structures Report (Part I—Historical Data)
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Illustration No. 1: Lemon House, north side, fronting on the Portage Railway. Originally the front entrance.

Illustration No. 2: Lemon House, south side, fronting on the present route 22. Originally the rear entrance.

Illustration No. 3: Map locating the Lemon House in respect to the trace of the Portage Railroad and U.S. Route 22.

Illustration No. 4: Engine House, head of Plane No. 6. Notice the Lemon House, left center. Photograph taken about 1845 but original source unknown. Copy print in the files of the Historic Site.

Illustration No. 5: Engine House, head of Plane No. 6. Lemon House, left center. Original source, Storm painting, c. 1895.

Illustration No. 6: Map of the vicinity of the Lemon House, 1967. (click on image for a PDF version)

Illustration No. 7: Head of Plane No. 6 looking east. Engine House, center; Lemon House, right foreground; unidentified structure, right center; log cabin, left center. Source of original painting unknown; artist unknown.

Illustration No. 8: Lemon House, north side and original front entrance, c. 1936. Source, Stotz, The Architectural Heritage of Early Western Pennsylvania, p. 183.

Illustration No. 9: Front entrance, north side of Lemon House, c. 1936. Source, Stotz, p. 150.

Illustration No. 10: Lemon House, south side, c. 1936. Source unknown.

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