Lemon House and Coal Mine
Historic Structures Report (Part I—Historical Data)
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This is the historical data section of the historic structures report authorized by Resource Study Proposals ALPO-H-2 and 3. The RSPs call for a historical investigation of the Lemon House, associated outbuildings, nearby stone quarry, and coal mine. Such a study is required, as the proposal states, "to guide the restoration of the house and furnish information for its proper interpretation." The Lemon House will be one of the most important structures in the Historic Site. It will be the combined headquarters and visitor center.

The reduced funding of this project has necessitated a cut-back in the time allotted to the documentary search. The RSP contemplated a $2,500 study of two months but with only one-third of that amount available this investigation bad to be more cursory than ideal.

This study also contemplated interviewing Mr. Byron A. Roberts, owner of the Lemon House at the time the RSP was drawn up. Mr. Roberts has since died and, hence, no statement of his will appears within the report.

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Last Updated: 03-Nov-2009