Alagnak Wild River
An Illustrated Guide to the Cultural History of the Alagnak Wild River
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People of the area have used the Alagnak River and its natural resources for many hundreds of years. Evidence of prehistoric settlements, historic fish camps and cabins, as well as an abandoned contact-era village with a Russian Orthodox Church and cemetery, dot the landscape. The combination of natural and cultural resources represents an invaluable part of our shared heritage. The purpose of this guide is to help visitors appreciate and enjoy the Alagnak's distinctive cultural history. This guide is not intended for navigational use.

A circa 1912 John Thwaites photograph of a Yup'ik cache on Nushagak Bay, perhaps near Snag Point (modern-day Diilingham). The cache was made of hand hewn white spruce logs with square notched corners and a sod roof Photo courtesy of John Thwaites Collection-0132-549, Special Collection Division, University of Washington Libraries.

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Last Updated: 22-Jun-2009