Agate Fossil Beds National Monument
As proposed by the Agate Fossil Beds National Monument Association, Agate, Nebraska
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The Agate Fossil Beds National Monument Association is most grateful to the National Park Service for providing much of the content for this book—and to the individuals who helped Park Service personnel in its preparation.

Mrs. Margaret C. Cook and her late husband, Harold J. Cook, were much devoted to the proposal and gave willingly of their time in assisting the several representatives of the National Park Service who visited the Agate Spring Ranch during the past three years. Mrs. Cook prepared the section of this report on fossil collecting history, submitted information for the bibliography and made available significant photographs.

Mr. George Hoffman, on whose land the principal quarries are located, was particularly hospitable, and on one occasion guided National Park Service representatives to the Stenomylus Quarry.

Dr. C. Bertrand Schultz, Director of the University of Nebraska State Museum, and members of his staff, especially Mr. Lloyd Tanner, contributed information for the bibliography, reviewed the accuracy of scientific statements and furnished several photographs.

The following other individuals and institutions provided photographs: Natural History magazine; Dr. Edwin H. Colbert, Curator, and Dr. Malcolm C. McKenna, Assistant Curator, the American Museum of Natural History; Mr. M. Graham Netting, Director; and Dr. Craig C. Black, Curator of Vertebrate Fossils, Carnegie Museum; Dr. Robert W. Wilson, Director, Museum of Geology, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology; Dr. Ray E. Lemley, Rapid City, South Dakota; Dr. Alfred M. Bailey, Director, and Mr. Robert J. Niedrach of the Denver Museum of Natural History; and Dr. Rainer Zangerl, Chief Curator of Geology, Chicago Natural History Museum.

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Last Updated: 12-Nov-2010