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Sieur de Monts=20 Publications

Sieur de Monts Publications=20

I. Announcement by the Government of the creation of the Sieur = de Monts=20 National Monument by proclamation, on July 8, 1916.

II. = Addresses at=20 Meeting held at Bar Harbor on August 22, 1916, to commemorate the=20 establishment of the Sieur de Monts National Monument.

III. The = Sieur de=20 Monts National Monument as a Bird Sanctuary.

IV. The = Coastal=20 Setting, Rocks and Woods of the Sieur de Monts National = Monument.

V. An = Acadian=20 Plant Sanctuary.

VI. Wild Life and Nature Conservation in the Eastern = States.

VII. Man and Nature. Our Duty to the Future.

VIII. = The Acadian=20 Forest.

IX. The = Sieur de=20 Monts National Monument as commemorating Acadia and early French=20 influences of Race and Settlement in the United States.

X. Acadia: the Closing Scene.

XI. Purchas translation of de Monts' Commission. De Monts: an=20 Appreciation.

XII. The de Monts Ancestry in France.

XIII. The District of Maine and the Character of the People of = Boston=20 at the end of the 18th century.

XIV. Two National Monuments: the Desert and the Ocean = Front.

XV. Natural Bird Gardens on Mount Desert Island.

XVI. The Blueberry and other characteristic plants of the = Acadian=20 Region.

XVII. = The Sieur=20 de Monts National Monument and its Historical Associations. Garden = Approaches to the National Monument. The White Mountain National = Forest.=20 Crawford Notch in 1797.

XVIII. = An Old=20 Account of Mt. Washington. A Word upon its Insect Life. A Word on = Mt.=20 Katahdin.

XIX. = National=20 Parks and Monuments.

XX. Early Cod and Haddock Fishery in Acadian Waters.

XXI. The Birds of Oldfarm: an intimate study of an Acadian Bird = Sanctuary.

XXII. The Sieur de Monts National Monument and The Wild Gardens = of=20 Acadia.

XXIII. The Sieur de Monts National Monument as a Huguenot = Memorial.

These Publications may be obtained by writing=20 to
     THE=20 = CUSTODIAN,
          = ;Sieur=20 de Monts National=20 = Monument,
          =      Bar=20 Harbor, Maine.

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