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Appendix A:

Architrave, Main Portico: "With Malice Toward None with Charity for All"

North Side of Main Entrance: "Stand with Anybody/That Stands Right/Stand with Him while He/Is Right and Apart with Him/When He Goes Wrong/Peoria Ill. Oct. 16, 1854."

South Side of Main Entrance: "Let Us Have Faith/That Right Makes Might,/And that Faith Let Us to/the End Dare to Do Our/Duty as We Understand It./Cooper Institute N.Y Feb. 27, 1860."

Bronze Tablet, North Side of Rear Entrance: "This Memorial/Erected/by Popular Subscription/through the/Lincoln Farm Association/Joseph W Folk/President/Robert J Collier/ Vice President/and Chairman of the Executive Committee/Clarence A Mackay/Treasurer/Richard Lloyd Jones/Secretary/John Russell Pope/Architect/Cornerstone Laid by President Roosevelt/February 12th 1909/Dedicated by/President Taft/November 9th 1911"

Bronze Tablet, South Side of Rear Entrance: "Board of Trustees/of the/Lincoln Farm Association/William H Taft/Joseph W Folk/Horace Porter/Charles E Hughes/Oscar S Straus/John A Johnson/Albert Shaw/Samuel L Clemens/Clarence A Mackay/Norman Hapgood/Lyman J Gage/Samuel Gompers/August Belmont/Robert J Collier/Augustus E Wilson/Henry Waterson/Jenkin Lloyd Jones/Thomas Hastings/Ida M Tarbell/Charles A Towne/Richard Lloyd Jones/Cardinal Gibbons/Joseph H Choate/Edward M Shephard/William J Bryan/Charles E Miner/William T Jerome/Augustus St. Gaudens"

Pediment Over Main Entrance: "Here/Over the Log Cabin Where Abraham Lincoln Was Born/Destined to Preserve the Union and Free the Slave/A Grateful People Have Dedicated Memorial/To Unity, Peace and Brotherhood Among These States"

Cornerstone at Northeast Corner: "February/Twelfth/1909"

*Inscriptions on building are in all capital letters.

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