Promise Beheld
and the Limits of Place

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Museum Curatorship in the National Park Service 1904-1982 (cover)

A Historic Resource Study
of Carlsbad Caverns and
Guadalupe Mountains
National Parks
and the Surrounding Areas

by Hal K. Rothman
Daniel Holder, Research Associate


Department of the Interior
National Park Service
Washington, DC


Cover Page

Acknowledgements, Executive Summary

List of Illustrations, List of Maps



Chapter 1: From Prehistory to European Contact

Chapter 2: The Spanish and Mexican Era

Chapter 3: The American Appearance

Chapter 4: The Military Seeks Control

Chapter 5: Vectors of Settlement

Photos 1

Photos 2

Chapter 6: Aspirations and Realities

Chapter 7: A Stronger Federal Presence

Chapter 8: Carlsbad Caverns in the Post-War Era

Chapter 9: A Southern Cornerstone in a Subregion: Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Epilogue: Parks in the Post Industrial World


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