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National Parks:

 The American Experience


Alfred Runte

This is an image of Alfred Runte's book entitled National Parks, the American Experience. [Image of waterfall in park]

Praise for the second, revised edition: Runtes book is must reading for all those who share his love for and commitment to the national park ideal . . . Certain to be a standard work for years to come. The many black-and-white photographs are a welcome inclusion to this thoughtful, intelligent history.Bloomsbury Review.

While Runte makes valiant attempts at objectivity, his passion for parks shines through this interesting treatise. The passion plus the scholarly analysis make it a valuable book for all concerned with federal lands and especially the foresters and other resource managers who manage and legislate our national parks.Journal of Forestry.

Remains the best book on national parks. Breaking away from the traditional political history of the National Park Service, Runte generates new understanding of the changing perceptions of environmentalism.New Mexico Historical Review.

Essential reading for the student who has an interest in conserving natural ecosystems.Journal of Applied Ecology.

An excellent record of our history, our follies, confusions, political constraints, and our very few successes in environmental planning.Science Books and Films.

This third edition includes a new essay on recent environmental issues and concerns, especially as they center on Yellowstone National Park. Alfred Runte, a Seattle-based environmental historian, is the author of Yosemite: The Embattled Wilderness (Nebraska 1990).

National Parks: the American Experience by Alfred Runte is published by the University of Nebraska Press (ISBN 0803289634) for $16 in paperback.

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