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Heritage Education Services


The Heritage Education Services Program is responsible for:

  • Carrying out a program to enable the NPS to be fully engaged in using cultural resources and historic preservation programs to educate people of all ages, promoting public knowledge and support for cultural resources in parks and communities nationwide and the role the NPS plays in their identification, preservation, and interpretation.
  • Administering the Teaching with Historic Places program with its series of on-line lesson plan series and the Discover Our Shared Heritage travel itineraries.
  • Working with NPS cultural resources programs and other organizations and partners inside and outside of the NPS to develop, better coordinate, and extend the reach of education, training, and public awareness activities relating to cultural resources and the programs of the National Park Service.

Carol Shull, Chief, Heritage Education Services, (202) 354-2234
Beth Boland, (202) 354-2238
Marilyn Harper, (202) 354-2223
Or contact us through email

image of Little Rock High School, one of the places featured in a lesson plan
Lesson Plans

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Travel Itineraries




Image of Teaching With Historic Places, Lesson Plans logo Did You Know?
Teaching with Historic Places lesson plans meet the U.S. History Standards for Grades 5-12 and the Curriculum Standards for Social Studies.

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