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Cultural Resources Diversity Internship Program 2014 INTERNSHIPS


All qualified 2014 applicants must have experience in MS Word, Excel, Internet research, digital photography, and excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area
Oneida, TN
CRDIP Historical Research Intern

The position will work with the resource staff responsible for management and protection of cultural resources at the Big South Fork NRRA and Obed Wild and Scenic River to become familiar with a diverse cultural resource program and will research the logging history of these two units including documenting the role that minorities played in this industry and the local communities.  The cultural resource program includes management of museum collections, archives, historic sites, historic structures and archeological sites covering over 130,000 acres of NPS property.   The position will work in the office and in the field. Field work will include locating, mapping and documenting historic logging sites and will require carrying a pack and hiking in rugged terrain in a range of summer weather conditions. Research will include the use of park documents, documents at other museums or historical societies and talking with park staff or local experts. The results of this project will be used to develop interpretive material for visitor centers, park publications and for interpretive talks. 

A privately owned vehicle is required for this internship. 


Boston National Historical Park
Boston, MA
CRDIP Curator Assistant

The proposed internship project is working with the park Museum Curator on the annual inventory of the Boston NHP museum collection. This is an opportunity for the prospective intern to get a behind-the-scenes look at the collections both on exhibit and in collection storage.  Collections include historical and archeological objects as well as archives that document the sites that the park administers at the Charlestown Navy Yard, Bunker Hill, Dorchester Heights and onboard the USS Cassin Young.  The Cassin Young is a WWII and Cold War Era navy ship.  The majority of museum collections at the park embrace over 200 years of history.  This is the fourth year that this activity is being done with the participation of student interns.  It is an exciting chance for the participant to glimpse just what is involved in managing a collection of over 600,000 items that is so rich in industrial history, urban archeology and archives that include textual records, photographs and architectural drawings.  Inventory of collections inevitably embraces all facets of the park museum collections profile and so is a great introduction to a park’s museum collection.

A privately owned vehicle is NOT required for this internship. 


Chiricahua National Monument/ Southeast Arizona Group
Willcox, AZ
CRDIP Resource Management Intern - Archeology

The selected intern will work in the division of Resource Management and will focus on cultural resource inventory, monitoring, restoration, and research projects. Work will occur as an individual and in a team setting; field and office based; and conducted primarily at Chiricahua National Monument or Coronado National Memorial, but will also include participating in projects at Ft. Bowie National Historic Site. These projects include the Upland Survey of Chiricahua National Monument and Coronado National Memorial, where visual ground surface surveys will be conducted to locate new archeological resources. Initial site recordation, artifact analysis, digital site mapping, and condition assessments will also take place once a site is discovered. Condition assessments and site updates will also take place at Fort Bowie National Historic Site, where the incumbent will have the opportunity to learn about Calvary era and Apache archeology. Additionally, basic data management tasks will also be required to maintain and update site files. These tasks may include researching and synthesizing historic documentation, incorporating many documents into a single site record, and the use of GIS software.

A privately owned vehicle is required for this internship.


Effigy Mounds National Monument
Harpers Ferry, IA
CRDIP Cultural Resources Intern

The intern will be assigned training and tasks that will expose them to experiences within the multiple disciplines of the Cultural Resources field (collections management, archeological investigation, historic preservation).  The intern will assist the Cultural Resources Manager with cataloguing, artifact curation, artifact packaging, consultation meetings, and may assist in field exercises and fieldwork. He/she will learn applicable laws concerning Historic Preservation.  The intern will also learn to work with other programs within the park unit (Natural Resources and Interpretation) and Park Partners (State and Tribal).                                                            Basic computer skill and personal time management skills and interpersonal communications, all other software and tasks will be on the job training.

A privately owned vehicle is required for this internship.

George Washington Memorial Parkway
McLean, VA
CRDIP Cultural Resources Intern

The Cultural Resources Intern for the George Washington Memorial Parkway (GWMP) would be able to engage in a number of cultural resource program area activities in addition to having an opportunity to work on a specifically defined project or projects, as this will provide the broadest experience in the wide range of activities undertaken by a park Cultural Resources Management (CRM) Program.  Projects will include assisting with archeological investigations, conducting historical research, working with archival and library records and materials, working with CRM files, helping with the curation of museum collections, performing architectural conservation work on historic structures, and assisting with cultural landscape management tasks.  One specific project possibility would involve helping with the organization and curation of records, interviews, and photos associated with the P.O. Box 1142 Oral History and Research project, which seeks to record the secret history of a highly classified WWII intelligence installation located within Fort Hunt Park, a unit of GWMP  Depending on the work schedule, the individual selected would have the opportunity to work with the park Historic Architect, Landscape Architect, and Museum Curator, and the Region’s Architectural Conservator. The intern will help with other CRM tasks and projects that can include helping to manage museum and archival collections (organization, filing, researching, handling interviews) for projects such as the Fort Hunt Oral History and Research; and assist with other museum curatorial work following NPS Standards (cataloging, preparing for storage, etc. of museum objects). 

A privately owned vehicle is required for this internship.


Grand Teton National Park
Moose, WY
CRDIP Cultural Resources Intern

The internship entails working in two cultural resource programs at Grand Teton National Park; the museum program and the archaeology program.  The archaeological work will include archeological fieldwork and reviewing/updating archeological documentation; this also includes assisting the archeologist with site condition updates and archeological fieldwork, as well as reviewing/updating paper and digital archeological files. The intern will review all survey and site documentation to find and fix any discrepancies between paper, digital, and Archeological Site Management Information System (ASMIS) documentation. The museum work will include reviewing accession documentation to determine the status of the permanent museum records.  Other collection management tasks include assisting the curator or other curation staff with completing an inventory of the accession documentation to determine the status of the accession files; assisting the curator in building accession records that are found to be incomplete, including researching donation source, significance (if any) of the donation and includes completing appropriate documentation using the NPS/DOI museum database the Interior Collections Management System (ICMS). Other curation duties include: assisting with annual museum inventories; environmental monitoring of collection storage and exhibit areas; rotation of exhibits if applicable; and/or general housekeeping activities associated with proper museum collection management of storage areas.  Opportunities to assist with other cultural resource management issues could include observing preservation of historic structures, and potentially tribal consultation observation.  

A privately owned vehicle is required for this internship.


Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site
Deer Lodge, MT
CRDIP Integrated Resources Management Intern

The purpose of this position is to introduce the concept of integrated resources management and the importance / challenge of balancing the competing needs of natural and cultural resources, park visitors, and law and policy.  To this end, the SCA intern will meet daily with the Grant-Kohrs Ranch Integrated Resources Program Manager and attend various meetings.  Specific hands-on preservation tasks will be assigned and preceded by an orientation on the resource type.  Approximately half of the tasks assigned will be in museum collection management and will include: learning and using museum artifact handling and housekeeping techniques; improving digital access to museum artifacts; and updating portions of the museum preventative maintenance manual.   The remaining half will be divided between archeology and cultural landscape tasks including: assisting with the annual archeology site condition assessment, working with the Kootenai-Salish College archeology field school project, and helping with ranching chores that preserve the working cultural landscape (irrigation, haying, livestock care).   Working with the cultural landscape program will include learning how natural resource preservation is considered within the historic setting.   A week will be spent helping a historic structure preservation crew.

A privately owned vehicle is required for this internship.


Illinois State Museum Society/Lincoln Home National Historic Site
Springfield, IL
CRDIP Archeology Intern

The intern will be responsible for research on the history of the Jenkins lot, with an emphasis on the potential for extant archeological resources.  The empty Jenkins lot once contained the Lincoln era home of African American Jameson Jenkins, who was a conductor on the Underground Railroad.  The intern will analyze historical maps of the Lincoln Home neighborhood, review previous research on the lot and on the Jenkins family, and conduct new research to help determine where on the lot archeological resources relating to the Jenkins house and outbuildings may be located, as well as help determine where subsequent disturbances may have negatively impacted archeological resources. The intern will work with Illinois State Museum archeologists and Lincoln Home National Historic Site personnel.  The intern will prepare an interpretive brochure for tourists, participate in the excavation, assist with the analysis of recovered artifacts, and contribute to the preparation of the technical report on the 2014 excavation.

A privately owned vehicle is NOT required for this internship. 


Lowell National Historical Park
Lowell, MA
CRDIP Museum Intern

The intern will be exposed to four areas of the division's work:  managing and maintaining the Historical Park's museum collection, maintaining permanent exhibits in the Historical Park's museums, planning for changes to a long term temporary exhibition, and pulling resources for use in a small scale temporary exhibit. The Division's staff and management will provide the intern a wide array of work experiences connected to care, documentation, preservation, and access to a museum collection.  The intern will be provided the opportunity to better understand the breadth and depth of the National Park Service through field trips to other National Park units close to Lowell. Possible locations are Boston NHP, Boston African American NHS, Minute Man NHP and Longfellow House-Washington Headquarters NHS. The sites where we visit will be determined by the interests of the intern but we will make a commitment to visit at least two other units during their stay. Finally, the intern will work on a stand-alone project during their internship. The intern will be sorting, identifying, packaging and processing a collection of Park records from a former manager and the programs he administered.

A privately owned vehicle is NOT required for this internship.


Midwest Regional Office – History and National Register Programs
Omaha, NE
CRDIP- National Register and National Historic Landmarks Intern

Working with the National Register Programs staff, the intern will be the editor of our National Historic Landmarks (NHLs) newsletter and will receive editorship credit for the publication.   The intern will also write the lead article (focusing on a topic of intern's interest) in the newsletter.   Additional work will include providing assistance with researching and identifying Midwestern Latino, Asian-American, and American Indian historic sites for potential NHL nominations, condition assessments of more than 400 NHLs in the Midwest Region, and assisting with HABS/HAER/HALS documentation projects. Along with excellent research and writing skills, experience with Adobe InDesign program, knowledge of the National Register, and interest in historic properties are desirable skills and qualifications in the successful applicant for this position.  Some travel will be required and will be funded by the program.  

A privately owned vehicle is required for this internship. 

Mt. Rainier National Park
Longmire, WA
CRDIP Historical Research Intern
The intern would process and rehouse a small collection for addition to the park's archives of historic items that were discovered in the Longmire Museum. He/she will work with archival records at the National Archives in Seattle and do a complete inventory of park archives that were transferred from the park collections. And finally he/she will start to research early park history, using primary resources, in order to create resource material for interpretive programs and possibly work the museum information desk in Historic Longmire. Beyond the opportunities above, the intern would have the opportunity to shadow the park archeologists, possibly on a dig, and with the park historic landscape architect, looking at road construction and accessibility in campgrounds. This position may require cash handling and is therefore not eligible for an AmeriCorps education award.

A personal vehicle is required for this internship. 


National Capital Region Ethnography Program
Washington, DC
Regional Oral History Project Intern

The intern selected for this position will work with a regional effort to process the backlog of oral history projects in multiple national parks in the National Capital Region (NCR).  Parks participating in the project include both urban and rural parks in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, including sites in northern Virginia and western Maryland.  The intern will serve as the assistant to the Regional Cultural Anthropologist to successfully complete the project.  The intern will work directly with park museum and resource management staff to collect oral history media and information, pack and send to the contractor for transcription, track the completion of the transcriptions, and review/process the completed transcripts.  The intern may also work with the Regional Cultural Anthropologist and park staff to develop public interpretation products based on the oral histories.

A privately owned vehicle is NOT required for this internship


Nicodemus National Historic Site
Nicodemus KS
CRDIP Interpretive Ranger intern

This internship is as an interpretive ranger at Nicodemus National Historic Site.  The intern will staff the information desk, provide information, orientation, and informal interpretation (30%).  In addition, the intern will research, prepare and present interpretive talks, guided walks and evening programs (30%).   This position will assist NPS employees with project work to enhance the sites electronic media through the park’s website, Facebook site, and videos (30%).  The intern will also work on special projects and assignments that will provide them with exposure to other divisions within the park service and job shadow full performance employees (10%).

A privately owned vehicle is required for this internship.

Northeast Regional Office History Program
Washington, DC
CRDIP Tribal Anthropology and Digital Interpretation intern

This internship will provide an opportunity to participate in a national and historical conversation on the American Indian experience, as well as explore career opportunities in cultural resources management, with a specific focus on those which engage tribal histories and tribal experiences. The internship will also provide an opportunity to explore historical and cultural resources of the early 19th century, and develop skills and experience in web-based interpretation. Incumbent will work with the NPS ethnography program and the national War of 1812 bicentennial commemoration to support ongoing work consulting with tribal partners to incorporate Native perspectives into national War of 1812 bicentennial media products, and develop culturally-relevant web-based interpretive content highlighting and celebrating the role of Native nations in the War of 1812. The intern will support both the consultation process with the project ethnographer and developing and publishing web-based interpretive media with the bicentennial coordinator.  Intern will ideally come from a tribal background. Intern should have a basic background in public history, history, archaeology or anthropology, with experience or interest in historical writing, web design and interpretive writing. Intern should have general familiarity and comfort with computer systems, but does not need any specialized knowledge.

A privately owned vehicle is NOT required for this internship.


Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation
Boston, MA
CRDIP Cultural Landscape Intern

The intern will be part of the Cultural Landscape Inventory team for the National Park Service and based at the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation in Boston, Massachusetts.  Responsibilities and learning opportunities include: creating field maps to document cultural landscape characteristics and features, field measurements and photography, meetings and interviews with park staff, archival research for historic photographs and maps, writing landscape descriptions, preparing landscape management and maintenance recommendations, and formatting reports for distribution. These responsibilities will be carried out with the guidance of Olmsted Center staff, including landscape architects and horticulturists. The intern will also collaborate with other interns and the Olmsted Center's youth education program. The Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation provides cultural landscape technical assistance to parks and historic properties throughout the Northeastern United States.  The intern should have skills and enthusiasm for reading and writing; skills in communicating and working as a member of a team; an interest in landscape architecture, horticulture, history, and historic preservation; and an interest in learning graphics programs, including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. No previous experience working in digital graphics is necessary, but an interest in art and drawing is helpful.

A privately owned vehicle is NOT required for this internship.


Prince William Forest Park
Triangle, VA
CRDIP Oral History Media Intern

Prince William Forest Park, originally Chopawamsic Recreational Demonstration Area, was    created through the New Deal as an effort to provide recreational cabin camping experiences for inner city populations and conserve natural landscapes. Throughout the years, a number of oral histories have been completed with diverse populations of former residents, Civilian Conservation Corp members, cabin campers, and former staff. However, most of these interviews remain on audiocassette tapes and are not reaching visitors.  The intern will digitize oral history cassette tapes and videos, create interpretive media from the oral histories, and load these digital files onto the park website. This project would allow the diverse history of Prince William Forest Park to reach new audiences. The park’s goal is to develop an intern’s skills in digitization, preservation, and interpretation, as well as to provide exposure to the interdisciplinary field of Cultural Resources Management (CRM). The intern would work under the supervision of the park’s Cultural Resource Specialist and gain experience in curating original materials and creating interpretive media.   Additionally, the intern would also be exposed to the interdisciplinary field of CRM, which includes Museum Conservation, Historic Preservation, Archaeology, and Ethnography.

A privately owned vehicle is required for this internship.






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