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Cultural Resources Diversity Internship Program 2013 INTERNSHIPS


All qualified 2013 applicants must have experience in MS Word, Excel, Internet research, digital photography, and excellent written and verbal communication skills.


Booker T. Washington National Monument, National Park Service
Cultural Resources Experience at Booker T. Washington National Monument
This internship is designed to provide an immersion work experience that introduces the intern to cultural resource management.  The intern will work with the Chief of Interpretation and Resource Management on a range of projects, including conducting research on African Americans in the Franklin County-Gills Creek Historic District, assisting in field observations and updating two NPS cultural resources databases.  The intern will also assist the park curator in museum collection tasks.  The intern will be able to conduct some work at Smith Mt. Lake State Park and be introduced to the Virginia State Historic Preservation Office.  Intern host will assist intern in finding suitable housing.   
A privately owned vehicle is required for this internship. 

California State Historic Preservation Office
Marinship Historic Context
Sacramento, CALIFORNIA
The intern will assist in developing historic context(s), evaluate National and California Register eligibility, and prepare the appropriate forms for Marinsip Historic District in Sausalito, California.  This will include preparing an architectural description and digital photographic documentation that meets National Park Service standards.  Additional tasks will introduce the intern to working with local preservation programs such as the Certified Local Government and with both private and public owners to designate a property.  Upon completion of the internship the intern should have an understanding of the historic preservation programs administered by the National Park Service and the State Historic Preservation Office.  Intern host will assist intern in finding suitable housing. 
The intern should be proficient with Microsoft Office, be able to work independently to conduct research, have foundations of writing a persuasive argument, and have analytical skills. 

Crater Lake National Park, National Park Service
Conduct Fieldwork for Archeological Survey
Crater Lake, OREGON
The intern at Crater Lake would perform the necessary fieldwork under the supervision of a qualified archeologist so that survey reports can be completed and reviewed by the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office.  This fieldwork would include intensive pedestrian surveys and some subsurface testing.  The intern would become acquainted with the various site types, predictive models for possible cultural resources, and master the fundamentals of measuring and mapping.  As part of the fieldwork process the intern will learn how to use a GPS device, a compass, camera, datum points, and USGS quadrangles.  The intern will be introduced to the Section 110 inventory process and Section 106 compliance. Hosting organization will provide housing.   
The preferred applicant should have some academic training in archeology or historic preservation to include field methods.  The possibility exists of some work during inclement weather.  A privately owned vehicle is strongly encouraged.

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, National Park Service
Archeological Survey to Discover and Document Prehistoric Rock Shelters along the Chilkoot Trail
Skagway, ALASKA
The intern will work with the archeological staff to survey and document prehistoric archeological sites along the Chilkoot Trail.  The park team will conduct a thorough off trail survey to discover and document new sites, as well as revisit previously discovered sites.  The intern will also research the prehistoric use of the trail and identify high probability areas for undisturbed sites.  The intern will able be able to shadow other cultural resources staff in the park and have the opportunity to participate in tribal consultation meetings with the three local tribes, as well as the First Nations tribe in Carcross, Canada.  Backcountry safety, bear awareness training, and operational leadership principles will be provided.  Hosting organization will provide housing. 
The intern should have a strong interest in history, archeology, or historic preservation.  Backcountry (hiking and camping) skills are helpful, but are not a requirement.  Ability and willingness to hike long distances and camp in rough terrain is a requirement

Lincoln Home National Historic Site, National Park Service
Archeological Evaluation of the Jameson Jenkins Lot
Springfield, ILLINOIS
The intern will be responsible for research into the history of the Jenkins lot, with an emphasis on the potential for extant archeological resources.  The empty Jenkins lot once contained the Lincoln era home of African American Jameson Jenkins, who was a conductor on the Underground Railroad.  The intern will analyze existing research and conduct new research to determine where archeological resources relating to the Jenkins house and outbuildings may be located.  The intern will research at a variety of excellent facilities and work with well-respected historians, archeologists, and others at institutions such as the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and the Illinois State Museum.  Intern host will assist intern in finding suitable housing. 

The intern should possess an anthropology background and/or experience with research, field archeology, and report writing. 

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, National Park Service
Digitization Project in the White Swan Library
Crow Agency, MONTANA
The CRDIP intern will receive an introduction to the field of Cultural Resources though a series of hands on experiences. The intern will archive materials in the White Swan Library, including journals and GIS maps, and assist with a variety of library duties.  Additionally, the intern will assist with the annual inventory of the museum collection in the museum exhibits and housekeeping of these exhibits.  The intern will also participate in an Archeology Field School at Bighorn Canyon, Little Bighorn’s sister park.  The intern will participate in the Park’s annual week-long orientation and training for seasonal volunteers.  Intern host may be able to provide housing. 

Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site, National Park Service
Museum Experience Internship
Richmond, VIRGINIA
This intern will serve as a museum technician and will assist the curator in a variety of daily museum operations as well as special archival projects.  Tasks will include working on the annual museum property inventory for the Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site as well as Richmond National Battlefield Park, environmental monitoring for exhibits, registration duties involving accessioning and cataloging new artifacts, and object relocations.  The intern will also have the opportunity to digitize or transcribe oral interviews and assist in the delicate cleaning of the Maggie L. Walker furnished house museum.  Additionally, the intern will have the chance to attend meetings with other Richmond museum professionals through the park’s involvement with the Richmond Registrars Roundtable and the local Museum Emergency Response Team.  Hosting organization will provide housing.   
A privately owned vehicle is required for this internship.  Students with an educational background in museum studies, history, or art-history preferred.

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site, National Park Service
Commemorative Exhibit, “Civil War, Civil Rights, and Beyond”
Atlanta, GEORGIA
This position is offered through the Greening Youth Foundation.  Students interested in this position should send an e-mail expressing their interest to and attach their resume. An intern at the MLK National Historic Site will assist in producing an exhibit entitled, “Civil War, Civil Rights, and Beyond,” to open at the Site as a traveling exhibit with a web-based series of mini-documentaries that connect the legacy of the Civil War with the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement.  The exhibit analyzes the power of ideology in society by evaluating the memorialization of the confederacy as the Lost Cause and the celebration of the Civil Rights struggle.  The intern’s major responsibility will be researching information and materials for exhibit text and identifying and locating artifacts and material culture to contextualize the exhibit panels.  The intern will learn research methods, exhibit design and fabrication, museum collection methodology, historic preservation techniques, and archival records management.  Hosting organization will provide housing. 
The intern should have a basic understanding of material culture studies, artifact analysis, and the ability to research and interact with the public.

Northeast Regional Office History Program, National Park Service
Completing a National Register of Historic Places Nomination Form
This intern will work with the National Register historian to complete various National Register nominations and nomination updates and other ongoing National register projects associated with a variety of National Park sites in the Northeast region.  Duties will include researching historic properties, site visits and field work to document the resources through descriptions, photographs, and maps, and preparation of National Register documentation.  Site visits to National Park Service properties and meeting with park staff will take place as part of the work.  Interns will also be invited to meet with allied National Park Service professionals whenever possible.  The intern will gain an understanding of the role and purpose of National Register documentation and learn about historic preservation legislation. Intern host will assist intern in finding suitable housing. 
Graduate level education in the field of history, historic preservation or historic architecture or experience with the National Register is preferred.  Intern should have excellent writing skills and experience with Word and graphic programs is a plus.

Southeast Archeological Center (SEAC), National Park Service
Cultural Resources Awareness and Stewardship
Tallahassee, FLORIDA
The intern at SEAC will gain valuable “hands-on” experience and will participate in laboratory work, archeological survey and excavation, artifact curation and conservation, archives management, outreach and education efforts, and give presentations at professional meetings.  The intern will assist with writing final reports and trip reports documenting field work.  The student will also assist with archival and administrative requirements stemming from fieldwork.  Remote sensing and 21st century data recordation technologies, GIS, ground penetrating radar, and database management will be introduced to the intern.  The intern will also learn about Federal regulatory compliance related to cultural resources and associated administrative requirements will.  Hosting organization will provide housing. 

Interns with coursework in archeology are preferable.  Fieldwork may involve strenuous physical work in hot, humid conditions and involving long hikes. 

Stones River National Battlefield
Introduction to Cultural Resource Management Programs at a Civil War Battlefield
Murfreesboro, TENNESSEE
The Stones River intern will work with park staff in managing historic landscapes, structures, and museum collections and learn how these activities tie into park interpretive components.  Tasks will include collecting environmental data and perform housekeeping tasks in the park’s museum collection and exhibits, improving the appearance and condition of cultural landscapes by implementing techniques for controlling and restoring plant populations, and research and respond to information request from the public.  The intern will also audit ranger interpretive programs to develop knowledge of the Civil War and have the opportunity to work with current and former Middle Tennessee State University students who often assist with research and park projects.  Hosting organization will provide housing. 


Women’s Rights National Historical Park, National Park Service
Telling the Story on the Web: Women’s rights, Antislavery and Other Antebellum Reforms through Museum Collections of Women’s Rights NHP
Seneca Falls, NY YORK
This internship project is designed to increase the exposure of Park museum collections to an internet audience through the NPS online Web Catalog.  Using objects in the park’s collection, the intern will create a virtual exhibit to be uploaded to the Web Catalog.  The Intern will develop a virtual exhibit theme, research, and write the exhibit labels and text, and select, research, and photograph at least fifty objects for inclusion the exhibit.  A one week orientation to cultural resource careers, NPS cultural resource management, and the resources and themes of Women’s Rights National Historical Park will be offered to the intern.  Additionally, field trips will introduce the intern to other museums in western New York State.  Intern host will assist intern in finding suitable housing. 
Intern must be adept in the use of all basic Microsoft applications and should have basic photographic and digital skills and knowledge. 

Zion National Park, National Park Service
Researching and Sharing Zion’s Historic Structures
Springdale, UTAH
The intern at Zion NP will work for both the Cultural Resource Program and the Division of Interpretation.  For the Cultural Resource Program, the intern will assist with developing the history, background information, and cultural significance of several park historic structures.  The intern will conduct archival research and compile information into a cohesive written narrative of the building’s history.  Concurrently, the intern will also be mentored on basic interpretive principles and how to share the park’s cultural stories with the public.  The intern will work one day a week at the park’s Human History Museum and will put together a 20-minute interpretive talk and work at an information desk within the museum.  The intern will become familiar with cultural resources databases and the National Register of Historic Places. Hosting organization will provide housing.    
The intern must have a valid driver’s license.  A privately owned vehicle is strongly suggested.  An academic background in history, historic preservation or architecture is highly desirable. 




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The 2013 student application deadline is Friday, March 15, 2013. All student applications are processed through the Student Conservation Association (SCA). Submit your scanned application materials by email directly to the SCA Coordinator:

Justin Chow,, 703.524.2441

Students must provide the following information:

·         A General Application Form. Click the link for a WORD version. Please send this form as a separate document.

  • A resume or a curriculum vita (1-2 pages) that includes: educational information; previous and current experience; publications or presentations; awards, scholarships, honors, etc.; and 2-3 personal references.
  • A cover letter that includes a brief statement, 150 words or less, of why you want the internship and why you are qualified. Please indicate 2-3 specific internships that you would like to fill.
  • A transcript. An unofficial one is acceptable.
  • A list of three references with contact information.


Review the Frequently Asked Questions page for students for more information.

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