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Places of Cultural Memory: African Reflections on the American Landscape

Session One: Memorializing Places of Diaspora

Ralph B. Johnson, "Freedom's Trail: The Florida Cuba Connection"(1)

Annette I. Kashif, "Africanisms Upon the Land: A Study of African Influenced Place Names in the USA"

coleman a. jordan, "Autobio-graphic Space: Reconciling African American Identity with the (In)visible Past"

Session Two: Agricultural Lifeways and Technologies

Judith Carney, "Rice, Slaves, and Landscapes of Cultural Memory"

Candice L. Goucher "The Memory of Iron: African Technologies in the Americas"

Barbara J. Heath, "Bounded Yards and Fluid Borders: Landscapes of Slavery at Poplar Forest"

Session Three: Black Cultural Landscapes and Institutions

Audrey L. Brown, "Africanisms on the 'Old Ship of Zion': What Are These Forms and Why Do They Persist?"(2)

Kenneth L. Brown, "Interwoven Traditions: The Conjurer's Cabin and African American Cemetery at the Jordan and Frogmore Plantations"

Joe Lewis Caldwell, "Some Evidence of African Cultural Traditions Among the Residents of Black Church Centered Farming Communities in North Central Louisiana"(3)

Session Four: Legacies of Urban Realms and Rural Communities

Abimbola O. Asojo, "Traditional African Architecture and Its Impact on Place Making: Case Studies from African and African American Communities"

Richard Westmacott, "Gardening, Yard Decoration, and Agriculture Among Peoples of African Descent in the Rural South and in the Cayman Islands"

Arleen Pabon, "Por la Encedida Calle Antillana: African Influences on Puerto Rican Architecture"

African Burial Ground: Discovery, Preservation, and Memorialization

Warren R. Perry, Jean Howson, and Ruth Mathis, "New York's African Burial Ground Mortuary Complex in Diasporic Perspective"(4)

1. The front matter for the conference proceedings is included with the paper.
2. The paper has been edited since its presentaton in Atlanta, at the author's request.
3. This paper was not presented in Atlanta and has been omitted. It is available in the printed version of the conference proceedings.
4. The biographies of the contributing authors are included with the paper.

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