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Colleges and Universities

Teaching Cultural Heritage Preservation
A Course Outline

This course outline, Teaching Cultural Heritage Preservation, was developed to encourage colleges and universities to create undergraduate courses focusing on the preservation of diverse cultural heritage or to incorporate parts of this material into existing courses. Learn more.


Degree Programs

The CRDP lists universities and colleges with graduate and undergraduate degree programs in ethnic studies (Asian-American, African-American, Hispanic/Latino, etc.), historic preservation, museum studies, and public history.

American Indian Studies


Minority Colleges and Universities

The colleges and universities listed here are those that are historically associated with Hispanic Americans, African Americans, American Indian tribes, and other cultural groups.




Scholarships and Fellowships

There are many opportunties to win scholarships for academic programs of study and for fellowships to conduct research. The CRDP lists scholarships and fellowships for graduate and undergraduate degree programs in historic preservation, museum studies, public history, and in related programs, and for pre- or post-doctoral research in related fields of study. Review our current list of scholarships and fellowships in the field.


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