• An open vista frames two white grave stone and a flag in the distance with a white cottage in the foreground.

    Herbert Hoover

    National Historic Site Iowa

Things To Know Before You Come

Weather and Climate

Dress for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes. Summers are hot and humid, spring and fall are mild with moderate temperatures, winters can be cold, windy, and snowy. Average high temperatures in summer are around 85° F; average lows are about 60° F. Average highs in the spring and fall are between 50° and 60° F, with lows from 40° F to 50° F. Winter highs average 30° F or lower.

Your Safety

Walkways may be slippery in wet or freezing weather. Seek shelter indoors or in a low place when thunderstorms approach. Tornadoes are rare, but it is important to heed advisories. Follow the instructions of park staff during tornado warnings. If you are outdoors, find a low place to take shelter.

While walking in the tallgrass prairie in the spring, summer, and fall, avoid tick bites by staying on the trails. Wearing long sleeves and pants will also reduce exposure, but be sure to check your clothes when you are done walking.

The banks of Hoover Creek are badly eroded and are very unstable. Please stay off the creek banks and out of the creek itself.

Visit Responsibly

Keep the park clean and safe when you visit, and help preserve the historic buildings and landscape that commemorate Herbert Hoover. Know the laws and policies before you visit.

Pets must be leashed at all times. Service animals, such as seeing-eye dogs, are allowed in buildings while performing their work.

Picnicking is allowed only at the picnic shelters and the Village Green.

Some activities, like commercial filming, require a permit.

Goods & Services

West Branch, Iowa offers dining, shopping, and other commercial services. The West Branch Post Office is at the corner of Parkside Drive and Main Street, just north of the Visitor Center. Contact Main Street West Branch for information about visiting West Branch.

Most goods and services can be found in Iowa City and Coralville, 10 and 13 miles west of West Branch on I-80. For more information about Visiting Iowa City and Coralville, contact the Iowa City/Coralville Convention & Visitors Bureau (ICCCVB).

Other nearby communities include West Liberty (11 miles from West Branch) and Tipton (18 miles from West Branch).

Did You Know?

Hoover's birthplace as it appeared before restoration: a two-story white frame house.

Herbert Hoover's birthplace was a tourist attraction as early as 1928. Jennie Scellers, the house's owner, charged 10 cents for tours and set up a souvenir stand on her lawn. More...