• An open vista frames two white grave stone and a flag in the distance with a white cottage in the foreground.

    Herbert Hoover

    National Historic Site Iowa


Park brochures and other documents like curriculum materials, park plans, and historical research, may be downloaded for free. Learn more about Herbert Hoover with a suggested reading list. Books about Herbert Hoover and the National Parks are for sale at the visitor center bookstore.


Free Publications

A Prairie Garden

A small prairie garden at the Visitor Center previews blossoming flowers and grasses in the tallgrass prairie. Download PDF file »

Artist-in-Residence Program

The Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Program at Herbert Hoover National Historic Site promotes creative means of communicating the park's national significance and its relevance to park visitors. Learn about the program and how to apply. Download PDF file »

Bird Checklist for Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

This checklist is your own tool for observing birds and measuring the vital signs of Herbert Hoover National Historic Site's natural areas. Download PDF file »

Blacksmith Shop

Blacksmiths demonstrate how much work goes into making something from steel or iron, or even the effort that is involved just to fix something in the forge. Download PDF file»

The Civil War in Iowa

Iowa played a role in the lead-up to the Civil War including in the Underground Railroad and John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry. The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association produced this publication. Download PDF file »

Climate Change: Impacts of Warming on the Heartland

Global climate change will affect National Parks in the central U.S. Download PDF file »

Friends Meetinghouse

The restored Friends Meetinghouse, where Herbert Hoover and his family worshipped, represents the values of the community that shaped his early years in West Branch. Download PDF file »

Herbert Hoover National Historic Site Map and Guide

The complete guide is not available online, the park map is. Request a copy of the Map and Guide from the Visitor Center when you visit.

Hoover Genealogy

A brief Hoover family history and family tree, courtesy of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association. Download PDF file »

Quaker Heritage

The faith that guided Herbert Hoover throughout his long life as a statesman and public servant came from the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers. Download PDF file »

Tallgrass Prairie Trail Map

In honor of Herbert Hoover's love of nature, and in an attempt to share an exquisite natural resource with the public, the National Park Service restored 81-acres of tallgrass prairie. Download PDF file »

Travel the Herbert Hoover Highway

A historical scenic motor trail honoring the 31st president passes through Johnson and Cedar Counties. Download PDF file »

Wildflower List and Bloom Times

This brochure presents a quick guide to selected wildflowers at Herbert Hoover NHS. Download PDF file »


Did You Know?

Rows of wooden pupils' desks.

The West Branch Schoolhouse was built in 1853 making it the oldest building at Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. The town's Quakers also used the one-room building as their first meetinghouse. More...