• Pink flowers blossom in the garden of a white two-room cottage.

    Herbert Hoover

    National Historic Site Iowa


A fat groundhog in the grass.

Groundhogs live near Hoover Creek and get fat in the grass of the landscaped grounds.

NPS Photo

Specially adapted large mammals such as bison, pronghorn, wapiti (elk), and wolves once lived on Iowa's prairies. Now, only whitetail deer and coyote remain in the area near the National Historic Site. Smaller mammals such as red fox, pocket gophers, mice, and moles still abound in the restored prairie. Big brown bats fly overhead in the night sky catching insects. Raccoons, opossum, eastern cottontail, and squirrels also enjoy the protection of the national historic site. Download an inventory of mammal species (PDF file) »

Several skunks huddled in a ditch.
Striped skunks made a den out of a ditch along the park's main road.
Tim Cooke

Did You Know?

Black and white photo of Herbert Hoover fly-fishing in a river.

Herbert Hoover was an avid fisherman. He'd often don a jacket, tie, and hat along with his waders and gear while fly-fishing. "All men are equal before fish," he wrote. More...