Hayhurst House

Hayhurst House

The Hayhurst House is similar to the Staples House on Poplar Street.

NPS Photo

In 1870, real-estate developer J.M. Wetherell managed to sell three lots to E.S. Hayhurst for $325. This cream-colored house with brown trim, completed in 1872, has an open porch with machine-turned posts framed by decorative brackets. Three steps span the full width of the entryway. Notice how the roof lines intersect with each other. Can you see the similarity between this one and a half story T-shaped building and the Staples house at the north end of Poplar Street? It's possible that the same carpenters had a hand in building both.

Unfortunately, Hayhurst and his family were only able to call this place home for less than a decade. When they couldn't make the payments, the mortgage was foreclosed and the family left town in 1878. Ever the businessman, Wetherell repossessed the lots and turned the house into a rental property.


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