Lesson Plan

National Park Fair: Kids Teaching Kids about our National Parks

A third grade boy explains his national park display to a classmate.
Kids research national parks, make displays, and teach their classmates.
Kristen Bergren
Grade Level:
Third Grade
Art, Conservation, Historic Preservation, Writing
About 3 months
Group Size:
60 or more
National Parks, Classroom Project, Fair, Cooperative Learning


Inspire students and their families to discover America's best idea: our national parks. Students research a national park and create a visitor center display with souvenir items to share with their classmates. This booklet is written for third grade teachers and their students but can be adapted for all grades. Classroom teacher and park ranger Kristen Bergren developed the activities as part of the Teacher to Ranger to Teacher Program.


Students will:

  1. Learn what national parks are and how they preserve significant natural and historical places.
  2. Research and gather materials about a national park.
  3. Make an written, oral, and visual presentation about a national park.