Lesson Plan

HEHO! Activity Worksheets for Educators and Students

Wooden desks furnish a historic one-room schoolhouse.
The interior of the schoolhouse at Herbert Hoover NHS has some similarities to modern classrooms.
Linda Staats
Grade Level:
Third Grade-Fifth Grade
Family Life, History, Social Studies, U.S. Presidents
2 to 4 hours
Group Size:
Up to 24
National/State Standards:
Iowa Core: History, Intermediate (3 – 5)


Use these activities before and after your class field trip to Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. The activities are recommended for grades three through five. Classroom teacher and park ranger Kristen Bergren developed the activities as part of the Teacher to Ranger to Teacher Program.


Using word and quiz games, students prepare for and review their visit to Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. Students will:

  • Learn a few basic facts about Herbert Hoover's childhood in West Branch.
  • Compare and contrast their pre-visit expectations.
  • Recall what they learned during their visit to the park's historic buildings.