Field Trip Program

Lessons Learned in West Branch

Children line up as they enter a small white cottage at a historical park.

"Lessons Learned in West Branch" begins with a visit to the 31st President's birthplace.

NPS Photo by John Eicher

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How did Herbert Hoover's early years in 19th century West Branch influence his character? Which character traits did he learn that made him a leader? Where do we get our own skills for success? 

A park ranger discusses these questions with your class during a tour of the Birthplace CottageBlacksmith ShopSchoolhouse, and Friends Meetinghouse.

This tour is recommended for grades 3 through 5 but can be adjusted for other ages. Groups should be no larger than 30 participants per tour, including adults. Picnic shelters are available for lunch, first-come first-served.


Curriculum materials and suggested reading can help teachers and their classes make the most of a field trip. Be prepared: as you plan your visit find directions, operating hours, and other things to know before you come.

The Herbert Hoover NHS mobile app can help teachers prepare or to lead a self-guided tour with their classroom.


There is no charge to visit Herbert Hoover National Historic Site or to reserve a guided tour. 


Beginning January 2, 2016, find available dates and times for your guided tour and reserve online. Book your tour »



Business, Commerce and Industry, Economics, Entrepreneurs, Family Life, History, Leadership, Philanthropy/Humanitarianism, Religion, Social Studies, Sociology, U.S. Presidents, Women's History
National/State Standards:
Iowa Core (3-5): SS.3-5.BS.2, SS.3-5.E.1, SS.3-5.H.1, SS.3-5.H.4, SS.3-5.PSCL.1;
Illinois Learning Standards (3-5): State Goals 16 & 18;
National Standards for History (3-5): Topic 1 Standard 1, Topic 2 Standards 3 & 4
Herbert Hoover
Field Trip Program