• Pink flowers blossom in the garden of a white two-room cottage.

    Herbert Hoover

    National Historic Site Iowa

Varney House

Snow covers the roof and lawn of a two-story cream colored house with brown trim.

The Varney House now stands on the corner near Herbert Hoover's birthplace.

NPS Photo

Hannah Varney built this house in 1899 shortly after divorcing her husband. The West Branch Times described the house as being of "fine appearance and finished in modern style." After living in the house with her six children for less than one year, Hannah Varney moved to Iowa City and married Robert Ward. She left the house to her daughters, Cora and Clara, who lived in it until 1915. In 1967 the National Park Service moved the Hannah Varney House from its original location on the lot just south of where it now stands on Downey Street.


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Yellow coneflowers in the lush green prairie grass.

General Land Office surveyors who first came to Iowa commented that the territory was fit only for waterfowl. Eighty-five percent of Iowa used to be soggy tallgrass prairie. More...