• An open vista frames two white grave stone and a flag in the distance with a white cottage in the foreground.

    Herbert Hoover

    National Historic Site Iowa


National Park Service Studies and Reports

Buildings in the Core Area and Jesse Hoover's Blacksmith Shop

Historian Edwin C. Bearss and archaelogist Wilfred M. Husted wrote this official National Park Service study of the Blacksmith Shop, Isaac Miles Farmstead, and other historic buildings at the National Historic Site in 1970. Download PDF file »

Cultural Landscape Report

Written in 1995, the Cultural Landscape Report is an assessment of and recommendations for the park's historical landscape. Download PDF file »

Eleven Core Area Buildings

Written in 1982 by architect William J. Wagner, this report is an investigation of eleven historic buildings at Herbert Hoover National Historic Site.

Volume 1 contains administrative and architectural data. Download PDF file »

Volume 2 contains appendices. Download PDF file »

Historical Base Map and Ground Study

This 1968 study by historian Edwin C. Bearss documents West Branch in the period 1874-1886. Download PDF file »

The Hoover Houses and Community Structures

The report on historic structures, written in 1971 by historian Edwin C. Bearss, is an official NPS study of the Birthplace Cottage, Friends Meetinghouse, Schoolhouse, House of the Maples (Second Hoover Home), and other buildings associated with Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. Read the study »

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