• An open vista frames two white grave stone and a flag in the distance with a white cottage in the foreground.

    Herbert Hoover

    National Historic Site Iowa

Graves of Jesse and Hulda Hoover

Two white headstones mark the graves of Jesse and Hulda Hoover.

Jesse and Hulda Hoover are buried in the West Branch Cemetery.

Linda Staats

Herbert Hoover's parents, Jesse and Hulda Hoover, are buried at the West Branch Municipal Cemetery on North Maple Street. To get there from the Visitor Center or Presidential Library-Museum:

  1. Turn left onto Parkside Drive.
  2. At the four-way stop, turn left onto Main Street.
  3. Go one block and turn right onto Downey Street.
  4. Take the first left onto Orange Street (a two–block distance).
  5. Go two blocks and turn right onto North Maple Street.
  6. Take the second left into the cemetery next to the sign that reads "Cemetery Closed at Dusk".
  7. Go straight west to the garbage bin, then turn left and park right away, before you pass the first tree (a cedar).
  8. Stand about 20 feet north of the tree and face toward the cemetery. Jesse's and Hulda's headstones are about 25 paces in.

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President Hoover is buried alongside his wife in a memorial gravesite at Herbert Hoover National Historic Site.

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