• Pink flowers blossom in the garden of a white two-room cottage.

    Herbert Hoover

    National Historic Site Iowa

Be a Junior Ranger

A boy and girl show off their Junior Ranger hats and badges.
Junior Rangers can show off their badges from Herbert Hoover NHS and other national parks.
Sheila Edwards
A new Junior Ranger at Herbert Hoover NHS

Park rangers review completed activity books and swear in new Junior Rangers.

Linda  Staats

The Junior Ranger program helps kids get involved and learn more about Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. Anyone can become a Junior Ranger by completing activities during a visit to the park.

Get a free Junior Ranger Activity Book (PDF file) from the Visitor Center. Follow the activity instructions in the activity book. When the activity book is complete return to the Visitor Center to receive your official Junior Ranger badge for Herbert Hoover National Historic Site.

You can be a Junior Ranger on the Web even if you can't visit a national park. Be a WebRanger »

Did You Know?

Hoover's birthplace as it appeared before restoration: a two-story white frame house.

Herbert Hoover's birthplace was a tourist attraction as early as 1928. Jennie Scellers, the house's owner, charged 10 cents for tours and set up a souvenir stand on her lawn. More...