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Meet Volunteer Barbara

Barbara from Fort Mitchell Kentucky
NPS Photo - HAVO Division of Interpretation

I retired from Northern Kentucky University in 2009 to volunteer in Environmental Education at Grand Canyon National Park. After two semesters there, I volunteered two seasons at Everglades National Park and one season at Sequoia Kings Canyon. When I leave here in December, I'll return to Everglades.

The V.I.P. program has given me the opportunity to immerse myself at a park and really learn about the resource. I've met visitors from around the globe and have had the pleasure of working with talented and inspiring park interpreters.

I chose Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park because....well, I suppose it's obvious? It's really rewarding to share this incredible place with visitors.


Did You Know?

`iliahi is the Hawaiian name for sandalwood.

During the 1800's, vast quantities of fragrant sandalwood were the first major export of the Hawaiian Islands. The trade nearly caused the extinction of `iliahi or sandalwood (Santalum paniculatum).