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Follow the trail stops on the map and read about each stop in the trail guide. Most stops have an interactive 360 degree panoramic view.

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Mauna Ulu Trail
Venture through a landscape formed in a five-year eruption that re-created this land. This trail tells the story of one of the longest known rift zone eruptions of Kīlauea.
Download the Trail Guide (pdf-3.23MB)


Kīpukapuaulu Trail
Journey through Kīpukapuaulu, a lush oasis of Hawaiian forest. This trail revels a story of struggle and survival for some of Hawaiʻis rarest plants and animals.
Download the Trail Guide (pdf-3.66MB)


Did You Know?

The Kamehameha Butterfly is orange and black, with white spots.

Only two butterflies found in Hawai`i are native. The Kamehameha Butterfly (Vanessa tameamea) is Hawai`i's state insect, brightly colored, and larger than the Blackburn's blue (Udara blackburni).