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Kīlauea Overlook

Crater Rim Drive Tour - Stop #3
Kīlauea Overlook
Viewing Kīlauea Caldera and Halema‘uma‘u from Kīlauea Overlook
NPS - Ed Shiinoki
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Photo Taken from Kīlauea Overlook

NPS - Ed Shiinoki

One of our park rangers calls this the Kīlauea Overlooked. The Kīlauea Overlook is located on the left side of the road, approximately .7 miles from Steaming Bluffs. The road sign indicates that this a picnic area. Which it is, but it is also a splendid overlook of the Kīlauea Caldera and Halema'uma'u Crater. The view here is similar to that found at the Jaggar Museum, but is usually much less crowded. And, it is a nice place for a picnic.

The view of Kīlauea caldera from this overlook is spectacular. The caldera (a very large crater formed by collapse) is about 2 miles wide and more than 3 miles long. The highest point on the caldera's edge is near Kīlauea Overlook. Halema'uma'u, the main pit crater within Kīlauea caldera, is very visible from this point.


Did You Know?

`iliahi is the Hawaiian name for sandalwood.

During the 1800's, vast quantities of fragrant sandalwood were the first major export of the Hawaiian Islands. The trade nearly caused the extinction of `iliahi or sandalwood (Santalum paniculatum).