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After Dark in the Park Video Archives - Jan 25 2011

Frank Perret: The man who set the stage for HVO's work today

Fresh from volcanic eruptions in the Canary Islands and Italy, volcanologist Frank A. Perret came to Hawai`i in 1911 at the request of Thomas A. Jaggar. After raising funds to establish a scientific observatory at Kilauea Volcano in 1909, Jaggar himself was unable to immediately relocate to Hawai`i. Although Jaggar is credited with founding the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory in 1912, it was Perret who, in 1911, actually set the stage for the next 100 years of continuous volcano monitoring. USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Scientist-in-Charge Jim Kauahikaua will tell the story of Frank Perret and how his early observations of Kilauea's lava lakes and fountains are relevant to today's summit eruption.

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Did You Know?

Baby Hawksbill Sea Turtle emerges from its nest.

The endangered Honu`ea (Hawksbill Sea Turtle) comes to shore on the main Hawaiian Islands to nest. They lay multiple nests throughout the season with an average of 175 eggs per nest. Only one in 5,000 hatchlings survives to adulthood.