After Dark in the Park Video Archives - Dec 28 2010

December 28, 2010 - "Keauhou Bird Sanctuary - Facing the Future"

The Hawai`i Endagered Bird Conservation Program (HEBCP), a field program of the San Diego Zoo's Institute for Conservation Research works in partnership to recover populations of critically endagered Hawaiian forest birds. Based at its two captive-breeding facilities - the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center in Volcano and the Maui Bird Conservation Center - staff utilize intensive techniques such as artificial incubation, hand-rearing and behavioral analysis with the ultimate goal of releasing endagered birds into protected habitat. Although restoration of the `Alala (Hawaiian Crow) is the primary focus of HEBCP, the Puaiohi, Palila, Maui Parrotbill and Nene are also key elements of the program. Join presenter Richard Switzer, Conservation Program Manager as he elaborates on the work of HEBCP and the future for Hawaii's endagered native birds.

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