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September 25, 2012 - "Developing Energy from an Active Volcano: The Kīlauea Geothermal Story So Far"

HVO scientists Jim Kauahikaua, Frank Trusdell, Wes Thelen, and Jeff Sutton will present a brief history of geothermal development in Hawai'i and a description of the location and nature of the hydrothermal system. The most attractive area for power development is Kīlauea's lower east rift zone. We will address the volcanic and seismic hazards on Kīlauea Volcano and the effects of geothermal development. Finally, we will describe the volcanic gas emissions from the hydrothermal system and their potential.

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Hokulea - Kamehameha Schools Archives

Polynesians from distant lands came to the shores of Hawai‘i over a thousand years ago. Sailing on large, double-hulled canoes, they navigated by using the position of the stars, the sun and the moon, by the movement of the waves and by the flight of the birds.