After Dark in the Park Video Archives - Jan 31 2012

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January 31, 2012 - "Kīlauea's Volcanic Gases and Their Environmental Impact"

As magma rises from the Earth's mantle to the surface, volcanic gases expand, driving the spectacular fountains and flows of Hawaiian volcanoes. While Kīlauea's current eruption produces enough lava to fill a football stadium every week, it also releases huge amounts of volcanic gases. Jeff Sutton and Tamar Elias, USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory geochemists, offer an update about volcanic gases, especially those related to the 2008-2011 activity at Halemaʻumaʻu Crater. Learn about volcanic pollution (vog)-how it forms and what we've learned about its effects on our island environment. BYON (Bring Your Own Nose) to the ever-popular "gas tasting" party where you can learn to identify volcanic gases by smell.

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