Lito Arkangel - February 16 2011 Performance at Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park Visitor Center

Join Lito Arkangel, entertainer and songwriter as he shares his original compositions and other Hawaiian favorites.

Lito is a native of the once, plantation town of Kea`au. He began learning music at the age of nine from a variety of teachers that included Clarence Zukeran and Ray Peralta. Over the past ten years, Arkangel has spread his music on the west side of Hawai`i Island playing at various resorts. For years he continued to improve his skills playing music with friends and family at backyard jams.

Lito has performed at numerous establishments including Miyo's Restaurant and Cafe Pesto in Hilo. He's worked with such artists as Rupert Tripp Jr. & Ohana, the Ahuna Ohana, Piggy Kaleohano, Damon Williams and so many more. He gives back to the community by performing at community fundraisers and charity events.

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