Educational Fee Waiver

By law, to qualify for an Educational Fee Waiver you must meet three criteria:

1) Eligibility Criteria:
So we can determine your status as a bona fide educational group, please provide
one of the following:

  • A statement confirming educational or scientific tax exemption, from the IRS or the applicant's national, state or local tax authority, or
  • A statement from a bona fide educational institution confirming that the group is visiting for the purpose of providing transferable educational credit based on a curriculum, or
  • A statement of accreditation, or recognition as an educational institution, from a qualified national, regional, state, or local authority for the applicant's location.

2) Education Purpose Criteria:
To exhibit your educational purpose, applicants must provide a written statement confirming that the visit supports a specific curriculum for which academic credit is offered. If the group is on a commercial tour, the applicant must state how the tour supports the curriculum.

3) Relevance of Park Resources Criteria: Applicants must provide a written statement with itinerary identifying the park resources and/or facilities that will be used to support the educational purpose of the visit, and describe how they are relevant to that purpose.

If you determine that you are eligible:

  1. Complete the Educational Fee Waiver Application form.
  2. Fax all of the required items listed above along with a completed application to us at least 2-3 weeks prior to your visit.
  3. If your request is approved, we will fax you an approved copy of the educational fee waiver application. You will need to present this approved copy to the rangers at the park's entry gate.

Arrangements for group activities must be made several months in advance of your visit. We appreciate your continued support of the Fee Waiver Program.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Fee Office at (808) 985-6156.

Did You Know?