• Sepia collage of Harriet Tubman portrait over a 19th century map of Maryland

    Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad

    National Monument Maryland


Directions to our partners at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, about 12 miles south of Cambridge, Maryland: from US 50, turn south on Route 16. Follow Route 16 to Church Creek about 7 miles; turn south on Route 335 (Golden Hill Road); follow Route 335 about 4 miles; turn east on Key Wallace Drive. The visitor center is about 1 mile from the intersection on the right.
GPS: 2145 Key Wallace Drive, Cambridge, Maryland, 21613. Latitude/Longitude: 380 26'/ 76 0 07'

Did You Know?

Black and white photo of Harriet Tubman, date unknown. The Granger Collection, New York

The Underground Railroad was an extensive, secret, resistance movement of people and places that helped enslaved people emancipate themselves and escape to lives of freedom.