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    National Historic Site Maryland

Park Planning

February 21, 2011 Update: The comment period for the draft General Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement is now closed. Thank you to everybody who made comments. You can still read the draft plan by using the links below.

This is the Draft General Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement for Hampton NHS. This plan will provide guidance for managing the park's resources, facilities and visitors experience for the next 15 to 20 years.
HAMP DEIS Front Cover (pdf)
HAMP DEIS Table of Contents & Executive Summary (pdf)
HAMP DEIS Chapter 1 (pdf)
HAMP DEIS Chapter 2 (pdf)
HAMP DEIS Chapter 3 (pdf)
HAMP DEIS Chapter 4 (pdf)
HAMP DEIS Chapter 5 (pdf)
HAMP DEIS Appendix (pdf)
HAMP DEIS Back Cover (pdf)


Collection Storage Facility

Drawings and Specifications:
Volume 1 (PDF, 5.25 MB)
Volume 2 (PDF, 6.79 MB)

Demolition Plan (PDF, 2.51 MB)
Exterior Elevations - Sub Sheet A06
Exterior Elevations - Sub Sheet A07

Did You Know?

Nancy Davis

Nancy Davis was a former African American slave who remained with the Ridgely Family as a nanny after the Civil War. When she passed away, she was one of only two non-family members buried in the family cemetery.