Black History Month is Every Month at Hampton

Enslaved African Americans, European indentured servants, industrial and agricultural workers, and owners. It is also the story of the economic and moral changes that made forced servitude in the United States obsolete.


Servitude at Hampton: In Black and White

Servitude at Hampton: In Black and White

Dressed in period attire, Park Ranger Anokwale will take you on a 90 minute journey through the Hampton mansion, ice house and octagon house

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Jousting in July at Hampton NHS

Jousting in July: Horse-ing Around

Jousters on the North Lawn of the mansion will display the skilled sport by catching small hoops on their lances while racing across the green.

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Make a floorcloth using historic designs or your special creation for your home.

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Reading the Cultural Landscape

Reading the Cultural Landscape: Gardens at Hampton

Discover the social, political, economic and environmental dynamics that molded Hampton’s Landscape as you stroll through the grounds...

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Hampton NHS's slave quarters

The Overseer’s House, Slave Quarters and Farm Tour

Dressed in period attire, Park Ranger Anokwale will guide visitors through authentic slave quarters, dairy and overseer’s home.

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President Roosevelt greets Kaiser Wilhelm on horseback.

Image Analysis

To what extent does this picture illustrate the contrasting nature of the United States of America and the German Empire in 1910?

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